Exploring My SEO Breakthroughs Of The Last Month

Exploring My SEO Breakthroughs Of The Last Month

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Morning all,

Tue Aug 24

Here’s the time, and I’m back from my holidays in Italy and it’s really nice to be back to work after being away.

What I want to do today is to explore the different ‘breakthroughs’ I’ve been having when it comes to SEO so I can explore the differences that will make (is already making) to our business – so you can steal them as well 😛

Let’s go through one by one:

Identifying Low Competition ‘Buying Keywords’

So it brings me pleasure to have identified how many of these there actually are. I’ve now got 166 blogs/pages I’ve mapped out for Melanie (our head of internal content).

The way it works is simple –

Look at competitor websites systematically and see what they’re ranking for that’s low competition. Also look at broad keywords such as ‘lead generation for’ and ‘seo for’ and ‘ppc/cro/seo agency’ and see what ideas pop up.

Then build content around those that are easiest to rank and see what happens.

Google Search

We’re doing this to get a load of pages onto the first page of Google quickly using our high (enough) DA for our internal sites.

Target the same keyword across multiple different sites to dominate the SERPs

So for example – we rank #1 for:

This is for one of our sites:

Details View

So why not build the same page on one of our other sites:

Details View

Then we can maybe get both pages into the SERPs for the same keyword (which we know drives conversions anyway).

E.g we accidentally did it here:

Google Search View

So why not replicate this ‘accidental strategy’ for all buying keywords?

Listicle Outreach

Look at the results when I run this search on Google:

Google Search View

Do you notice that there are ‘lists’ that are on page #1 of Google?

Well if I’m searching for an agency – where am I most likely to click if I run a search like this?

If it’s me – I want to look at those lists!

Now….combine a search with this – with ALL of the possible variations:

  • ‘Best/top/list Of/premiere + {service} agencies/companies/experts’
  • ‘Best/top/list Of/premiere + {service} agencies/companies/experts’ + country (e.g UK/England/USA/Canada)
  • ‘Best/top/list Of/premiere + {service} agencies/companies/experts’ + city (e.g Texas, New York, London)

Identify any ‘listicle’ ranking in the top 20 of Google….and run email outreach to ask for inclusion in their list!

(Many of these lists are built for SEO purposes anyway so they’ll ask for a link back or for a fee or otherwise).

FAQ inclusion

Go through all of your onpage content one-by-one –

[convertful id=”197358″]

Identify which keywords that rank for that page contain ‘People also ask’ or a ‘featured snippet’ in the SERPs:

Details View

Check what they are:

Google Search View

And look at adding them to your content!

Keywords Insertions

Here’s one of our top-performing pages:

Organic Keywords

I’ve noticed that we’re position 4 for ‘sales outsourcing’ (unintentionally) – and it’s driving solid traffic.

What can we tweak to get that from a ‘4’ to a ‘1’?

Well, I went and looked at the page and discovered we only use the exact phrase ‘sales outsourcing’ ONCE.

Pearl Lemon Leads

If we add it in 2/3x…we’ll probably get an immediate bump from #4 to position #2 or #3 because it’ll become suddenly more relevant!

Identifying New Pages To Build Based Upon Current Rewards

In this same list, I also noticed a keyword that doesn’t really relate to the page but looks like a good one to go after:

Organic Keywords

It’s got a CPC of $9 which means people PAY for this keyword. It’s also only got a keyword difficulty of ‘4’ and gets 50 searches a month.

We rank #13 for this keyword on this page – and whilst this page has 21 links >

Details View

It isn’t the correct page to build for this keyword – so why not build another page for it and try and rank that way and switch this keyword to a much more relevant page?

Removing Irrelevant Content

When you go through the above process – you might notice you have irrelevant content on certain pages –

E.g we have a ‘white label seo’ page on Pearl Lemon. And yet we have this content on it:

Pearl Lemon View

Removing this content will help us rank more effectively for our target keyword on page #1 of Google.


Final Thoughts

It’s interesting what you can uncover through getting on training calls with people as well as going through your website and identifying changes.

Working on all of the above ALONE will make a significant difference to our business 🙂