Power Of Handwritten Notes In Business

Power Of Handwritten Notes In Business

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The Power of Handwritten Notes in Business: A Personal Take

Introduction 📖

Hey there! Deepak Shukla here, the entrepreneur with a penchant for books and personal connections. 

It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared my thoughts, and today, I’m diving deep into a topic that resonates with me and hopefully, with you too. 🍵 

Grab your favorite drink, and let’s chat about the art and impact of handwritten notes in business, inspired by my current read, 5 Minute Selling by Alex Goldfayn.

Alex Goldfayn and His Insightful Approach

I’ve been immersing myself in Alex Goldfayn’s book, 5 Minute Selling. 

If you haven’t heard of Alex, he’s penned down a series of books on sales and they’re nothing short of enlightening. 📘

It’s interesting how his approach mirrors a writer from the copywriting realm, whose name currently eludes me. But that’s beside the point.

“Reading Goldfayn’s insights made me reflect on the methods employed by marketers.”

Reading Goldfayn’s insights made me reflect on the methods employed by marketers, especially those who use platforms like Audible to swiftly produce content. 

These content maestros don’t just aim to entertain, but strategically elevate their brands. 

And it’s this production rhythm and strategy that I’ve been discussing with my writing coach, Chris. 

We’re toying with the idea of rolling out a book every quarter, where he’d refine my content, and we’d put it out there. 📚 Big plans, right?

Letter to future

The Undying Charm of Handwritten Notes ✍️

But back to the crux of today’s discussion: the potency of handwritten notes. 

In this digital age, where instant messaging and emails reign supreme, handwritten notes have become rare, which only amplifies their value. 

They possess an intimate charm, a personal touch that standard typed messages lack.

“Handwritten notes have an intimate charm.”

Remember my Italian wedding? Those who attended would recall the handwritten notes we handed out. 

The feedback was overwhelming. Many found it memorable, and it created a special bond between us. 

It got me thinking: why not apply the same principle to business? 🥂

When you’re running a venture, especially one that doesn’t onboard hundreds of clients monthly (like mine), taking the time to send a handwritten note to clients is not only feasible but also a fantastic strategy to nurture relationships. 

Imagine onboarding a new client and sending them a heartfelt handwritten note. Not a generic “thank you for your business” but something tailored, personal. 💼

Let’s take an example from my domain. If I bring a client on board for tax SEO, instead of a plain email, what if I took a moment to write: “Hey George, thrilled to have you on board. 

Excited for our journey ahead. Let’s make some tax magic happen!” Okay, I might need to work on that phrasing, but you catch my drift.

Why Handwritten Notes Matter 💌

The magic of handwritten notes lies in their authenticity. It says you took time out of your busy day to pen down your thoughts just for that person. 

It’s personal, it’s heartfelt, and it’s genuine. Such gestures help build trust, forge deeper connections, and make clients feel valued. 

Over time, these small tokens can go a long way in cementing long-term business relationships. 🌟

Moreover, handwritten notes can be an excellent differentiator in a competitive market. 

While your competitors might send automated thank-you emails, your personalized note can stand out, making your brand memorable.

Final Thoughts & Conversations 🤔

So, as I close another chapter of 5 Minute Selling, I find myself reflecting on the underrated art of handwritten notes. 

In a world that’s speeding up, maybe it’s time for businesses to slow down just a bit, to add that personal touch. After all, it’s these small gestures that often make the most significant difference. 🌉

And on that note (pun intended), I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Do you believe in the power of handwritten notes in business? Have you ever received one that left an impression? 

Let’s keep this conversation going! 💬

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Key Takeaways

  • Introduction to Alex Goldfayn and Sales Magic 📖
    • Deepak Shukla, an entrepreneur, discusses the book 5 Minute Selling by Alex Goldfayn.
    • Goldfayn’s sales approach is insightful and mirrors certain copywriting techniques.
    • The strategy of rapid content production, as described in the book, can elevate a brand’s stature.
  • The Undying Charm of Handwritten Notes ✍️
    • In today’s digital era, handwritten notes offer a rare, personal touch.
    • Such notes have left a lasting impression on many, as evidenced by Deepak’s Italian wedding attendees.
    • Applying this principle in business can help forge stronger connections with clients and stand out from the competition.
  • Why Handwritten Notes Matter 💌
    • Handwritten notes exude authenticity and genuineness.
    • These notes can build trust, foster deeper connections, and ensure clients feel valued.
    • As a differentiator, handwritten notes can make a brand more memorable than those that rely solely on digital communication.
  • Final Thoughts & Conversations 🤔
    • The art of handwritten notes remains underrated in the current fast-paced business world.
    • Businesses might benefit from slowing down and integrating more personal touches in their interactions.
    • The conversation around the significance of such personal gestures in the business realm should continue.

Book Summary

5 Minute Selling by Alex Goldfayn is a practical guide that provides readers with actionable sales techniques designed to boost their results with minimal time investment. Goldfayn emphasizes that just five minutes a day can lead to a dramatic increase in sales through simple yet impactful strategies. By focusing on proactive communication and leveraging the power of personal touchpoints, the book aims to transform the way sales professionals approach their interactions and foster client relationships, all within the span of brief, daily actions.