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Morning all!

Mon 9 Aug

I want to continue with the brainstorming I left off with at the end of last week.

I’m seeing the value of doing this for every brand of Pearl Lemon so that we can push them further forward.

These blogs serve as an instruction manual for growth for each of the brands/businesses we’re trying to grow.

Today we’ll be talking about


So without further ado let’s get into the things that seem logical to help grow Serpwizz:

I had a video that was made by Tomer (my friend in SaaS) of all the things we should change – and I still remember some of them so let’s start there:

Things the team need to do

  1. We should move multiple FAQs about the plans onto the pricing page (Kemi)
  2. We should add ‘As Used By’ and add a load of logos from the people that have signed up in any way shape or form (Kaushal)
  3. We should add a ‘What Our Customers Have To Say About Us’ with a load of quotes (Shripad Deshmukh can you pls share the list of customers who signed up with Tenny?)
  4. We need to add ‘Use Cases’ pages per use case – ‘For Sales Reps’ – to help them talk to a potential client about their SEO’. ‘For Lead Generation’ – to get prospects phone numbers/email addresses when they visit your website. ‘For Technical SEO Experts’ – for when they want to get an on-page SEO report of their website. ‘For SEO Agency Owners’ – to do all of the above and use it alongside their tool stack of Ahefs/SEMRush/Moz etc. ‘For Freelancers & Consultants’ – to generate free reports for potential clients to as a high-value giveaway. ‘For Account Managers – to use on their client calls, to use to check the SEO of clients who currently aren’t using your SEO services (Kemi)
  5. We need to get a Google My Business Sorted Out so we can get a local listing in the USA and the UK(Akhila)
  6. We need to turn our videos on our YouTube channel into blog content(Akhila)
  7. We need to add our YouTube social link to our website (Kaushal)
  8. Tenny needs to create an account on Indie Hackers to go through all the steps he’s involved in for Pearl Lemon SaaS tools (Tenny)
  9. We need to prepare for the Product Hunt launch (Tenny)
  10. We need to look at hiring a full-time SaaS intern + full-time cold caller potentially (for calling Indian market) in Semil’s office/OnlineJobs/Internshala(Akhila)
  11. All pending interviews for the blog need to be published (Kaushal) [convertful id=”197358″]
  12. Book a call buttons need to be added to every page on the website (Kaushal)
  13. The SEO team/Tenny need to comb through every blog + every page and determine keyword + FAQ insertions to improve the performance per blog (Semil)
  14. Daniel needs to be replaced with Vasco for the ‘book a call option (Kaushal)
  15. All the people who’ve worked on Serpwizz need to leave reviews on EVERY review platform we have (4 per person)(Akhila)
  16. A list of 10,000 numbers into 4 projects (UK/USA/Canada/Australia) need to be loaded into Crazy Call projects for cold calling (Tenny)
  17. These numbers need to be cleaned to make sure any that ‘don’t work anymore’ are removed, alongside weird country codes (Tenny/Anne)
  18. A list of 5,000 numbers for India also needs to be added for the same person (Tenny/Anne)
  19. Do affiliate link-building reach out for tools that don’t compete with us (e.g keyword tools/content tools etc) (Tenny)
  20. Have the affiliate programme reactivated
  21. Have Clarity the heat mapping tool reactivated on the WordPress and App side (Kaushal)
  22. Recheck if Send In Blue is working when people sign up for the Free Trial with the transactional emails (Akhila)

Things Deepak needs to do

  1. Prepare to do some of the cold calling this week for Serpwizz
  2. Review the content calendar for Serpwizz
  3. Write a post on Indie Hackers (maybe use this one?)


I’m out of ideas for the moment – but hopefully, this gives the team a solid insight into all of the things that need to be done to help progress Serpwizz forward.

The business has a huge amount of potential so let’s see where this brain dump takes us.

And I’m going to keep producing content of this ilk because hopefully, it gives you a real-world insight of all the things that need to be worked upon to take this tool to the next level!