My Plan To Hire Ex-Convicts And Ex-Servicemen


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Morning all,

Sat 6 Nov

I just got off a call with my buddy Max Newton and we discussed hiring in general and where to find people with an abundance of grit, resilience, and perseverance.

Where is it that you can find people that have been through hardship?

That will savour and cherish the opportunity you will give them to succeed?

To give them a chance to show themselves in their best light?

Does that have discipline, determination, and a willingness to apply themselves?

Technical skills can always be taught and developed.

This isn’t (at least in non-technical fields like those I operate in) what will become the divider between failure and massive success.

Rather – it is these characteristics. This character attributes.

This is why I’ve decided I want to start looking at ex-military programmes and ex-convict programmes in both the UK and the USA to bring people on board.

In those, with their experiences of war and imprisonment and the routines of the systems they went into or found themselves in…you’ll find resilience.

For me – with the entrepreneurial nature of the Pearl Lemon and the work ethic and adaptability and speed of work and perseverance it requires…

It feels like people that have come from such backgrounds would be ideal to work alongside.

In fact, I would feel privileged to work alongside those who have served their country. Those who are looking to reform themselves and build a life for themselves.

Those who can get STUCK into something and that SOMEWHERE can become a home for them.

I realise more and more at the Pearl Lemon Group what I’m trying to do is build a movement, what I’m trying to do is grow something special. Grow something unique to us.

That contains part ultimately of my DNA, that is my blueprint.

I’ve not even come from hardship. I come from a stable family environment. I’ve had happy parents growing up. I went to good schools, a solid university and was afforded all the opportunities that life could give me.

What has surrounded me though, looking at some of my family, have seen them be homeless, become alcoholics, murders, deaths, and destruction that have made me thankful for everything I have.

Furthermore, I’ve seen some of these people totally turn their life around and go and do amazing things.

Just writing this lights up a fire inside of me.

The idea of giving someone a chance – of making a dream come true for them….

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It’s interesting that as the ‘success’ in our own small way grows as a company – that the things I wish to do with the powers this company has given me relate more and more to in my own way trying to give back.

We already hire from developing economies (Philippines, India, Uganda, Pakistan). We already hire people that have difficult personal situations (single mothers, government housing, supported housing).

We already hire those who are prepared to work on a commission-only basis because of their self-determination to succeed. We already actively hire ethnic minorities into the company.

And all of the above has led us to great success.

So why not take this even further?

Why not push the boat out even further?

Why not hire those who have had all of the above and have gone to war or gone to prison?

I recorded a podcast about this just this morning and I want to continue to use my words, whether written or spoken, as an opportunity to put thoughts into action and to make bold proclamations about the things I wish to do with Pearl Lemon.

I want Pearl Lemon to be an extremely profitable business that helps change the trajectories of the clients who hire us AS WELL as the people that come and join us.

It’s interesting when I think about it – it’s almost spiritual perhaps.

My father – a man whose the biggest source of inspiration in my life – sacrificed everything so he could see us be happy and see us succeed.

I see that his lifetime sacrifice of working 100 hour weeks to ensure his family could have everything.

That his lack of formal education in English, that coming to the UK, having had an arranged marriage to my mum at 13 years old wouldn’t stop him seeing us grow here and have all the opportunities he didn’t.

Perhaps that’s where this flame I have that burns inside me come from. Perhaps that is what drives me to wish to do these things.

To look into the eyes of those who have embraced the struggle. Who have climbed their way out of the gutter. Who wish to see themselves to success.

In those people I realise I see family.

In those struggles I understand because it’s what I grew up with.

So how can I put platitudes into practice?

By making proclamations like this into writing and saying by March 2022 I would like to have hired 2-4 ex-military or prison folk.

Let’s do this.

Key Takeaways

  • Technical skills can be taught but you can’t teach resilience.
  • Look for people who will cherish an opportunity to succeed.
  • Give someone a chance who has faced hardship and can face a challenge.