A Look Into My Chaos at Pearl Lemon

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Hi guys,

I’m back at it!

Here’s the calendar/time right now and I’m on a 35% battery so plenty as according to my last run out.

It’s 10.52am and I’ve got a F2F meeting at the Vistajet offices in around an hour from now so will start making my way in around 30 minutes or something to that effect.

Between now and then, as per my accountability with my coach Chris,

I need to make sure that I get these words out.

I think broadly speaking, I’m going to use this blog as a place to simply document my journey, and use it as a kind of journal and everything in between.

Lord knows if I’ll ever get a consistent readership as there’s so many damn things that I do wrong.

I continually try and go fast…to go fast 😛 and that meets me with mixed results I presume in hindsight.

I suffered something of a blow at the weekend because Umesh, an agency friend of mine told me about his buddy whose hit 645k euros in revenue in ONE month.

That’s absolutely insane

I’ve hit 75k and I’m feeling excited about that as a gateway to new growth.

Apparently, the way that they were able to pour fuel on the fire was to run paid ads to a funnel and then book leads through there.

That’s been telling for me and is absolutely something that I want to put in place for our own growth and to see where it takes us.

As of this moment I’m upping the ante across the board within my organization.

(I like the word organization – somehow it makes me feel more like an important schmuck haha)

But right now these are the things I’ve got on my diary:

  • Start writing 5 answers per day on Quora under the Quora ads team I hired guidance
  • Setup Quora ads account (for a Quora ad run to see how it goes)
  • Finish setting up my 7th salesperson in Joe – my original head of sales whose now come back into the fold

And then there’s the matter of my never-ending ‘To-Do’ list – which I’ll show you here:

I try my best to get this to Zero but it doesn’t really happen.

Regardless we’ve got positive things happening.

I’ve now got 7 sales people which is pretty ridiculous but hey – I’m trying to force growth.

Our SEO is really progressing quite quickly so bringing Joe back on is to ‘close-the-loop’ with the European side of the business.

Long-term the ideal is to have two European salespeople, two American salespeople people, and then maybe two Australian salespeople.

That would give us 24-hour coverage and be a great way to get us growing on all 4 corners of the globe.

But right, I think the title for this was ‘how I use Whatsapp’.

Well Whatsapp is where most of our company business is conducted so it’s used as a means of:

  • Talking to clients
  • Talking to my sales team
  • Talking to my family
  • Talking to my internal team

Basically talking to everyone 😛

It brings me right down to meeting zero or rather close to it because much of my work can be conducted via WhatsApp

God I’ve just remembered the other things I want to do:

  • Create a course for Lemlist
  • Creare onboarding videos for Leadworx
  • Create 3-5 SEO videos for SEMRush as well as for myself

And then I’ve got a truckload of things to do for my salesteam:

  • Please could I have a question and fact sheet per service
  • Nusii for all proposals
  • Take salesflare training
  • Rebuild onboarding training
  • Put soundcloud FAQs all onto YT
  • Calendar standard setup with SMS
  • Get some cool Lead Gen stats/info we could include in a Nusii.
  • People are still missing the whereby link. I think it’s that they haven’t heard of it and don’t realize it’s a “zoom”.
  • Setup SMS + Email
  • Setup drip campaign from YCBM for all people
  • Doodle for bi-weekly call
  • Don’t come across EVER as a teacher
  • Build price plans to the Nth degree
  • Get a sales manager(?)
  • Put together an expectations document for sales team
  • Sales PM+Sales Ops checks Salesflare – how’s pipeline/what’s going on etc? Check leads coming in (all going ok/they getting enough appointments etc)
  • Lydia monthly check in call w/Sales team
  • Sales training rotation – Ion trains the other guys?
  • Call Feedback rotation
  • Map out everything I’m doing for the sales team to fire yourself from it
  • Have 100% of calls recorded where possible (or have them install crazycall on their phones)
  • Keep reminding sales team why Pearl Lemon’s great (and everyone)
  • Send everyone a Pearl Lemon mug
  • Send a video message about what happened with Pearl Lemon every Friday (15 minute video) –
  • What’s happening at Pearl Lemon/Deepak Shukla
  • If you sell a 12-month contract I’ll give you a £1000 bonus?
  • Ion becomes sales manager? (voicenotes during 12-3 to the sales guys)
  • Put together a list of job titles for your team (they can pick from)

[convertful id=”197358″]

This is another set of items I’m trying to work up and build which again will help push everything that we do forward.

I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the sheer scope of activities but at the same time – there’s also some really positive things that have already happened that are game changers for us:

  1. We’re doing testimonial outreach to land more links and we’re getting results coming in daily for this
  2. We’ve strengthened our relationships with our publishing partners and they’re upping the number of links we’re generating for ourselves internally
  3. Help A Reporter outreach continues to deliver a steady stream of publications I am featured in
  4. We’ve amalgamated our websites and Pearl Lemon Convert and Pearl Lemon Sales no longer exist which will save us time and money
  5. The same is happening for Pearl Lemon Invest which will no longer exist either and be folded into Kemistri
  6. I’ve developed a way to identify businesses that achieve a certain level of revenue for us to target on LinkedIn

So I guess amongst the chaos there are many good things that will lead to great long-term benefit.

The reduction of websites, the increase of links and increase of blog posts with just three sites to effectively manage (this being one of them) will in time pay huge dividends

And correspondingly we’re seeing a record number of calls being booked, enquiries coming in and the like.

So all in all – the future is bright 😛


I’ve just come back to this blog a couple of days later:

Managed to write a couple more in-between:

Also managed to get a bunch of client work done.

It’s Saturday now (as you can see) – so 5 days have passed since I started this blog (which is pretty unusual)…

But I’m really excited about the future and what’s possible for us.

We’ve just broken our record for leads generated (although I’ve realised the Sun-Fri thing is totally confusing and I’m asking my Research Analyst Tenny to change it to Mon-Sun).

Anyway, I bring this one to a close – because I’ve also realised I’ve not done any of the Quora work that Netanel is waiting for me to do 🙁

Time to get going!