Measure What Matters by John Doerr

Measure What Matters

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Measure What Matters by John Doerr - Notes

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Measure What Matters by John Doerr - Notes

Deepak Shukla’s Notes On Measure What Matters by John Doerr – Notes:

Hey guys,

I finished reading this book on the 10th of January 2021.

Here’s a synopsis of the book I grabbed from Amazon:

“Legendary venture capitalist John Doerr reveals how the goal-setting system of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) has helped tech giants from Intel to Google achieve explosive growth—and how it can help any organization thrive.”

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And here are my actual notes I took whilst I was listening to this on Audible:

  • At any given time some significant % of people are working on the wrong things
  • Keep firing yourself from jobs (important for founders)
  • Have more wood behind fewer arrows
  • Key results focus on output – pair quantity with quality
  • Pair key results
  • Focussing and committing to priorities
  • It is our choices that determine our path and who we are far more than our abilities
  • Understand if you Tell everyone to head across Europe than some will start in France others in Spain and Germany and won’t be united
  • Build an internal enemy for us to compete against
  • Pillars of OKRs
  1. Less is more
  2. Important to strive for a goal that’s immediately beyond your grasp
  3. Tools not a weapon
  • Sales are the most important part of a business
  • Every single person should have quarterly OKRs
  • The what and the how
  • Stressing output is the key to increasing productivity
  • Peter Drucker is someone to read up on
  • It almost doesn’t matter what you know. It’s what you can do
  • What do we need to get done fast – and who is working on it?
  • Produce a what matters to Pearl Lemon 1-2 pager to share with all
  • Specifically higher + harder goals produce better performance
  • Eg Key result number 1 = I finish my presentation on time 2 = we would create a sample set of quarterly OKRs
  • Objective can be rolled over – key results evolve over a year
  • It’s not a key result unless it has a number
  • OKRs – objectives and key responsibilities
  • Ideas are easy – execution is everything