The Impact Of Switching From Mac To Windows For A Month Now


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Morning all,


Here’s the time this morning and I’m still figuring out how to effectively use my Lenovo Thinkpad.

I’m growing more and more fond of this machine as it’s basically as powerful as my old Macbook and only half the price.

I’m already half thinking about getting the most powerful Lenovo on the market but it’s probably not needed.

Anyway – I wanted to explore this journey of transition.

I actually only started on this journey because I had several people on my team who use Windows and it made sense that I should start using the machines to get a better sense of how they operate.

I’ve actually ended up buying several of these laptops – I bought 2 Thinkpads and one Chromebook.

At the moment it’s just the Lenovo’s that are being used and not the Chromebook – but regardless the return on investment is massive.

It’s massive because my cousin Jay is now using the other Lenovo to work each day and make cold calls which are fantastic – and then I’m using the other Lenovo right now.

The transition that can happen when you make a big push is brilliant.

I daresay I wouldn’t even be using this machine had I not bought it in the first place for my old sales folk. First Matthew, then Gary, and then Adrian – all of whom are no longer part of the team.

This is the power of making big pushes, however.

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You end up (in this instance) with all sorts of unexpected results.

I’ve now just asked two members of the team in Gary (a different Gary) if they can share with me any productivity insights they have:


What’s interesting about the process of just ‘blogging’ out loud almost like I’m doing now is that I take whatever is top of mind for me – and then turn it into reality by writing about it.

Let me give you another immediate example – I’ve just found the Pomodoro app that I think is better than the one I have on my Macbook – check it out:


Figuring out the snipping tool and finding Yapa 2 (this Pomodoro app) – has all come about from just the act of writing this blog.

That’s I guess the power of writing things down.

This is also part one of the massive reasons that I blog.

I no longer check the ‘SEO benefit’ of the content I’m writing – but actually, it’s more of a way for me to share what I’m working on – with myself actually lol.

If any of you fine folk read it along the way then that’s excellent.

What’s amazing is that over 50% of the team is on Windows – so as I mentioned in a previous blog post – there is power in my becoming familiar with this machine.

Right now I’ll be able to tell folks (to start with) that Yapa 2 is an excellent tool to use for a countdown clock all can use on their Windows machines…that works even more effectively than the one I have on my Mac.

Nothing like a countdown clock to add some pressure.

As with anything – sometimes it’s powerful to enforce something to see what kind of result it brings – in this instance it’s using my Windows machine.

The other upside of this machine is that I’m totally comfortable with taking this outside with me as it’s inexpensive whereas my 3k Macbook pro I don’t intend on taking out much.

This machine I’ll happily take this with me to a cafe, however.


This is the 2nd update I bring to you about my Windows journey.

Give it a couple of months and I’m interested to see where I’ll end up 🙂