How to Make Your Team Ultraproductive

How to Make Your Team Ultraproductive

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Afternoon all 🙂

Time and Date

Here’s the time right now and I’ve got around 8 minutes to put something useful together.

I want to run through how to make your team effective (or rather more effective than ever before).

This blog is going to be less filled with prose and more filled with lists of insights with a short explanation for each.

Let’s see what we can get through >

  • Mental Toughness Training – getting mentally tough is probably the most important thing to develop when you work through the rest of the points that follow. And one good way to build this is to aim to do things that are physically and emotionally stressful
  • Parkinson’s Law manoeuvring – google this law if you don’t know it. When you DO know it – give yourself HALF the time you think you need to complete something, to complete the task. The pressure and lack of time will drive progress. You’ll be blown away by HOW much you can get done
  • Time utility deployment – just as I’m doing now. Maximising the minutes I have to do something productive. In 8 minutes evidently much can be done.
  • The Do It NOW method. If you can do something right now within 2 minutes or 20 seconds or less to get some movement upon a project – you should ALWAYS ALWAYS do it now.
  • Inertia Avoidance Awareness – recognise that it’s definitely by the underuse of the Do it NOW method that inertia builds. Things just don’t seem to start
  • The experimental beaver – treat your entire working day like an experiment – the rule of the day is to continuously research and test new ways of making you more productive. There’s always something that can be split tested and improved
  • The workman’s kit development – if you have tools (laptop/headset/webcam/table/desk/etc) – invest in getting the best kit for yourself

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  • The workman’s life development – the same principle above applies to life – so that’s your health (body fat/resting heart rate) and the like. Do everything you can to improve it
  • Rip-roaring reading – getting used to reading around the spaces of self-development as a habit will serve you massively well. Reading (or in my case listening) on a continual basis will probably bring about the biggest change in your life in all of these areas
  • Calendar concentration – if you don’t use a calendar then there is always going to be things that you’ll miss – so it’s critical to get into the habit of scheduling at least parts of your day
  • Living by the 1% rule. As long as you’re getting 1% better than you were yesterday then know you’re headed in the right direction
  • The quarterly review – look back every quarter on exactly how much you have progressed and it’ll surprise you just how much you’ve done
  • The patience quandary – all of the above takes time – so making sure that you allow yourself the room to recognise that success really does come over time – will give you the time to let these things develop
  • Success is measured in hours not minutes, and days not hours, and weeks not days and months, not weeks, and so forth. Track success over time

I think I’ll wrap up with the importance of (and this is something that comes from within and isn’t as easy to give someone) intrinsic motivation.

Wanting to get better for the sake of getting better itself. For the sake of the struggle, for the sake of the journey. The British SAS have this creed that they live by – which says it’s best.

Be committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence

That’s it for today.

Tomorrow we’ll do more 🙂