How To Develop Patience In Business

How To Develop Patience In Business

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Morning all,

I’m writing this from my Lenovo thinkpad which I’m beginning to enjoy using more and more. It feels good to be getting used to using a Windows machine.

I also enjoy the fact it’s so cheap for something relatively powerful (16GB RAM) given I just forked out £3,000+ for a Macbook (which I love dearly as well).

I’ve still not worked out how to take a damn screenshot of just a section of the page…but I’ll get there.

I have though downloaded a countdown timer tool…but again I don’t know how to take a screenshot to show you LOL.

Ok back…I figured it out so:

Time and Calendar


Here’s the countdown timer I’m using also.

None of this is quite ideal but it’s a step in the right direction at least when using this ‘new’ machine.

On that note then let’s talk about developing patience in business.

It’s something of a difficult thing to endure – as all of us want everything done yesterday.

And then, the biggest mistake of anyone is often time giving up too quickly when it comes to attempting something.

I (with this in mind) want to walk you through some of the strategies that are important to me when it comes to being patient with the things that I’m working upon:

Make money

This might seem very obvious…

But the brand I’m building in terms of Pearl Lemon – it’s a company that generates revenue…..and the revenue keeps me dedicated.

Around 40% of our profit gets reinvested into the company to help grow the business further still.

So then….

Making money can keep patience in place because without making money…it’s difficult to be patient.

As it’s hard to understand what it is you’re working for.

And also – making money keeps you busy and gives you cash flow with which to reinvest into the machine that’s actually making you money.

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Find a way to make money (fast)

This in a way precludes of course the first part – but it’s what (if you’re old school like me) you need to establish first.

How is it that the ‘thing’ you’re working up can make money?

What is the fastest route to revenue for whatever it is you’re working upon?

Try and get money in and see what results that process returns

Making money will make the time fly

This is the other element about making money when it comes to having a patience that isn’t always calculated obviously.

When you make money, you typically have clients/customers and staff to take care of. This will keep you busy.

And keeping busy does make the time go fast and quickly so.

Focus on massive profitability

This is another consideration because then you can invest in projects without worrying about cash flow or anything else that could stand in the way of you being able to develop patience.

Reinvest into your main project and invest in side projects

When you make money, and you’re profitable…you can afford to invest and wait for those investments to come to fruition. This is a critical part of patience.

Lack of patience can come from lack of money or lack of distractions (in a counter intuitive way).

But when you can pump money into things it becomes far easier to have the patience to allow things to develop over time.

Invest in side hustles to keep the main hustle interesting

This is something that doesn’t appear to be that common advice for some reason – but if you look carefully at anyone successful – they’ve ALWAYS got something on the side happening.

And this gives you the patience and interest to continue with..all your projects.

Humans crave variety and challenges – so having multiple projects on the go at the same time (whether personal or professional) is paramount to keeping your interest in all of them.

Final Thoughts

You can see that the key element of this entire piece is making money and being able to invest your money. And also using that money for side hustles so you have a variety of things to work upon.

Of course, making a profit isn’t a simple thing to do – but then this is something discussed in other blogs.

Follow these steps – and you’ll discover you have all of the patience in the world 🙂