The Ultimate Guide To Real Estate Cold Calling: Part 1

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Morning guys,

Tue 6 Jul

At one of my agencies – Pearl Lemon Leads – we’ve just begun a campaign for a Chicago-based realtor.

Our role is to ultimately cold call homeowners for them and book appointments.

The point person – their lead broker is a very switched-on guy.

Mostly – when we’re given lead-generation campaigns to work upon – we’re not given detailed scripts with objection handling as well as a cleaned and scrubbed list to work from.

In this case we’ve been given all of that.

Make sure you’ve got a good list to work from

Naturally then when it comes to cold calling in the real estate industry whether it’s the USA or the UK – it’s important you’ve got a solid list to work from.

So from the impression I have – these lists can be basically purchased online. Verified, cleaned and scrubbed lists of people who have historically opted into some kind of (likely) property listing or mortgage brokerage site where their cell number is given out for people to call back.

Then this data is sold (legally so) – and hey presto – you’ve got numbers….and numbers of homeowners and the like to call.

Generally speaking, you can find these lists online – and much like any level of ‘trial and error’ – it’s definitely a solid way to get started – having targeted prospects to go after.

Developing A Cold Calling Script

So this one was given to us by the real estate firm which was incredibly powerful. Fortunately, when it comes to real estate – this isn’t our first rodeo.

Historically we’ve done some of our own real estate cold calling in the past – and have been able to build up scripts of our own.

When we did this historically however it was calling people in the B2B environment and doing our best to introduce them to property services – a challenging ball-game but what we did nonetheless.

I’m going to map our several considerations when it comes to developing a cold calling script for talking to anybody basically –

You need to have high energy

I think this is the most critical part of any outbound sales process that gets overlooked.

High-energy is absolutely everything when it comes to being effective on the phone.

What I mean by this is sounding like you’re ‘pumped’ and ready to knock it out of the park when you get on the phone.

Too often, good scripts, good word choices, rebuttals and objection handling and setting up an appointment are absolutely murdered by flat energy.

I’ve seen this happen time and time again.

You can develop the best cold calling script BUT if you can’t bring energy to the call….it’s much much less likely to be successful.

You need to open with confirming some details to establish a ‘yes’ framework

It’s a simple thing but incredible how often this gets overlooked.

When you’re opening a call to somebody you don’t know – you should open with confirming a couple of details you’re pretty confident are correct.

‘Hi, is this X?

Brilliant – I’m calling because I understand……

And here once again you can confirm some additional pieces of information – and it’ll all depend upon what information you have –

‘You had a property listed for sale for {insert price} and the address I’ve got listed for that property is {insert price} – is this correct?

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At this point, you’ll get a response of SOME KIND – and then it’s time to go into pitch mode.

So I want to establish a couple of things we’ve just done here:

  1. We’re getting ‘yes’ statements from the prospect to create a distinct pattern of agreement.
  2. We’re building rapport through the confirmation of details
  3. Through (hopefully) our tonality and energy we’re demonstrating friendliness and agreeableness with our prospect intuiting ‘this seems like a nice person but what’s this about’

Moving Into Your Introduction

Now at this stage (or you could have put it into the opener) – you can move into your introduction.

I.e ‘Amazing it’s Deepak here from Pearl Lemon Properties’ and I’m calling because…

Notice the word I used here as well – ‘Amazing’

You can swap this word with whatever superlative you like –


Make sure that you say this buoyantly/with energy because otherwise, it’s going to run counter to the word itself.

Pitch Time

This is where you give your elevator, and tell your prospect what’s unique about your offer.

It’s powerful here to include some pain problems you solve as well as outstanding benefits to working with your team.

So it could be something to the like of:

‘At Pearl Lemon Properties we specialize in helping investors who are tired of working with investment companies who don’t go the extra mile with their deal sourcing and present to them things they found off of Zoopla and similar sites. One of the most common comments we get from our happy customers is that they really enjoy the personal attention and service they get from Pearl Lemon Properties – as the relationship and strategic value of our partnership is much more important than any single transaction.’

Do you see what we’ve done here?

We’ve combined pain problems with potential solutions that our customers will benefit from and in this way we’re able to hit upon a couple of possible things that could attract our prospective customers.

That brings us to the end of part 1 of this ultimate guide. Catch you tomorrow for part 2!