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Afternoon all!

Sun 15 Aug

Not sure how effective this blog is going to be because I’m violating all the rules I normally live by when I produce this content.

It’s the afternoon and I don’t have the ticking sound and I’m listening to Wretch 32 in the background instead of white noise lol:

YouTube Screen View

But who cares – I’m on holiday.

Yup, I’m a workaholic I guess but who cares I love it.

I find the term workaholic odd in general. I think I’m going to stop using it.

It’s just more a case of finding something that you love and then wanting to do it all the damn time.

So anyway….

This is not dissimilar to the blog about how to generate £25,000 in new business enquiries per month in terms of identifying keywords – so do look at that first.

But I want to extend this a little bit further.

With this ghetto guide on how to pump out new pages for your website that can rank for buying keywords fast –

Let’s keep it straightforward.

If you’re in the services business – e.g insurance let’s say…well the short story is that there’s going to be a BUNCH of keywords you can rank for (assuming you’re full-service insurance) that you can try and get to page 1 top 1-5 of Google relatively quickly with not too much effort.

Here’s what you need:

  • A badass copywriter who knows how to write copy that converts and landing pages that are better than whatever the competition put together
  • An active subscription with Ahrefs and SEMRush
  • An ability to do simple keyword research using Ahrefs and SEMRush
  • An SEO team who can help you build links to the content

(To be honest – you can learn all of the above yourself if you take the time do it)

So let’s take the example of insurance.

Well then – all you need to do (fundamentally) – is load up Ahrefs and use the keyword explorer to search:


Insurance agency.

Once you’ve done that you need to go to the next layer which is:

Keyword Ideas

Looking at the keyword ideas.

Once you’re in here you can then see what this loads up:

Matching Items

Now you want to make the 1 change that can really impact the keywords you can write for when it comes to your website:

Matching Items

If you look at the keyword difficulty (how difficult Ahrefs thinks it’ll be to rank that keyword on page 1 of Google) – you want to set it to at least HALF of whatever your domain rating is.

So e.g for Pearl Lemon Accountants our domain rating is 6. So we want to look at keywords that have a difficulty of 3 or less.

Website Overview

However – if you intend to keep working to improve the SEO of your own website (thereby assuming that the 6 listed above will in time rise to 26 as an example) – then you can set the bar higher.

To be safe – I always go for ‘10’ as a good round number to work with:

Matching Items

Now all of a sudden you’ve got 4,180 keywords that have a difficulty of 10 or less that have been categorized in the Ahrefs database.

Now – we need to narrow it further –

From what we can see above I can already notice two things:

There are many actual agencies here rather than agency services.

[convertful id=”197358″]


Screen view

These are the names of three insurance agencies rather than actual services – so let’s narrow the field somemore:


I’ve now set a minimum of ‘50’ which has removed around 85% of the keywords (there’s probably some gold in there as well)

Given we’ve still got 660 – let’s make the keyword difficulty EVEN easier:

Matching Items

Let’s set the max difficulty to ‘5’ and see what happens:


Still on 503.

But now it’s not impossible to visually check to see what ‘gold’ we identify by going page by page:

Screen View

To see if we land anything useful:

Ok, I searched for a total of 2-3 minutes and here’s what I found:

Keyword Overview Keyword Overview Keyword Overview Overview Overview


Over 50% of these might be actual agencies rather than the type of service we’re referring to above.

However – I think you understand the principle now.

Let’s take the ‘b&b insurance agency’ and see what comes up when we Google:

Google Search View

Now we’d look at the top 3 listings underneath Google maps:

Website Overview

This is #1 on Google and is a page <300 words.

Website Overview

This is #2 and is a little better but not still crazy.

502 Bad Request

#3 doesn’t even work.

So your goal would then be to write content that’s much much better than anything on page 1 of Google (which doesn’t look too difficult from what we see here).

Combine this with link building and off you go….

You have now discovered ‘hidden keywords’ you can rank on your website that could well be buying keywords that could generate you $25,000 in new business EACH per year 😛