How to Deal With Business Conflict?


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Hey guys,

It’s day 23 and the time is:

Deal With Business Conflict

Really late start to this blog.

I actually woke up at around 630am. The whole week I’ve been getting to bed late (i.e 1030pm more or less) and have been running on less sleep than I would like.

Yesterday was no different, but with Saturday upon us I decided I would sleep in a little longer.

I’d love to say I feel better for it but what with the Coronavirus I’m in two minds as to whether I should go and sit in the local hotel to work from where I normally do.

So alas:

Deal With Business Conflict

I’m sat here in my hat lol.

Furthermore, I’ve spent the last hour being threatened by someone via a Whatsapp chat about him being prepared to ‘fuck me’ if I don’t pay him.

That’s completely screwed with my usual morning karma as you can imagine :p

A couple of things happened in short sequence altogether:

  1. My partner is worried for her family in Italy who are totally self-isolating so it feels like we should be following suit. And switching for me my powerful routine in the mornings of getting to the hotel and getting on with work immediately is hard.
  2. It doesn’t feel right being sat in my living room working – yesterday, if you recall, was slower as well
  3. My later than ‘usual’ start was noticed by a couple of people:

My Facebook wall:

Deal With Business Conflict

Whilst on WhatsApp I’ve got this going on:

Deal With Business Conflict

Now back to Facebook:

Deal With Business Conflict


My start to the morning has been far from productive.

It’s actually put me in a terrible mood.

Which is why I felt this was a great title for today’s blog post

Over the last couple of months I’ve:

  1. Had a business dispute with my former partner
  2. Started a business (1 More Rep) and then exited from that business
  3. I’m due to appear in County Court because a former client is suing me
  4. Having to liquidate the business I’m having a dispute with my former partner about
  5. Lost business, time and money because of all the above

It’s never fun.

It isn’t fun right now

Which is why I’m writing this out as a kind of self-therapy to process my frustration (especially because I love my morning routine) and also as a means of turning my negative energy into positive value.

Negative sentiment for me is more damaging than any money I could spend.

I absolutely hate having negative karma in my life and whilst I deal with all the above issues, I still continue forward apace in my determination to drive myself towards success.

Let me also tell you about all the issues above:

In the instance of not going to work from the hotel – well it’s a case of recreating the same/similar environment at home as close as I possibly can to deal with it.

In my case that means this:

Deal With Business Conflict

Clearing the dinner table I work from and getting on with work.

Yup on the left you can see a colander with grapes I’ve just washed as well as some cashew nuts I’ve just thrown in.

[convertful id=”197358″]

Don’t judge me (but I love it haha).

In regards to the 430am element with someone commenting ‘epic fail’ – well I followed up with a response and then somehow Karma intervened:

Deal With Business Conflict

A good new friend of mine wrote this Facebook post which was awesome.

With the WhatsApp guy who will ‘fuck me’ it’s actually a useful exercise (once my anger has dissipated).

I’ve asked him to complete the YouTube watch time and subscriber count as he was someone who originally worked on my channel for standard SEO but then said he knew how to achieve monetization.

That hasn’t worked and we’re now in dispute.

What I’m finding positive in that is that I am thinking about ‘how would I respond if someone starting posting lots of ‘nonsense’ about me online and showering the internet with it.

Well you fight ‘fire with fire’ and be honest about what’s going on and still keep up with your PR and branding drive.

I.e posting this content, post on Facebook, share your journey and keep driving forward.

As my notoriety grows so will people who will seek to take me down.

I’m almost excited by the first person who makes a concerted effort to do a social media take-down because it makes you think about the strength of your brand and how heavily (or not) have you insulated it.

With the Facebook chat about buying a website – well there’s been a difference of opinion for an affiliate site I’m buying and ultimately I’m working to keep both relationships positive.


I guess for me the truth in all of this is a couple of core things:

Obstacles whether you put them in front of you, or others do – will always be there. And your drive and momentum will determine your ability to push through them.

As I become I guess more experienced within business, I see the nature of my challenges continue to grow – and I believe that the only way to deal with them is to keep driving forward.

This is without mentioning the issues of inner conflict

And herein lies the biggest demon you will ever encounter in your life….

There is one conflict that will always be with you and will go with you everywhere and can conceivably cause more damage to you than good.

And that’s the dark side of your inner voice.


My dark side this morning got me snapping at my partner Strawberry, it got me into writing this blog over an hour later than I should have started

Even writing it now feels extraordinarily tough.

Everything feels wrong about it.

And that my friends probably is the most crucial part of all of this:





In moments of conflict – deal with it head-on, and never let progress surrender to powerful routines.

For along the way I will stumble.

Along the way I will be a challenge.

But the biggest challenge is the voice inside you that attempts to push you off the yellow brick road.

No matter the conflict:

Deal With Business Conflict

What’s most important is how you respond to it.

Inner voice or no – this you will always be 100% in charge of.

Deal With Business Conflict

Thanks Jakub – you don’t know how much I needed that this morning.


Deal With Business Conflict

And on a final positive note – I did all of this within 45 minutes. I just set myself a new record 😛