The Dangers Of Disrupting A Solid Routine

The Dangers Of Disrupting A Solid Routine

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Morning all,

Sun 12 Sept

Writing my first blog for several days (I think the last one was Wednesday).

I’m seriously having withdrawal symptoms because amongst other things (such as trying to give half arsed advice where and when I can) – I use this as a platform to journal and share my thoughts with the world.

So I was at a wedding and then went out yesterday evening and it’s still incredible trying to deal with the aftermath of an evening out.

I got in at 2 AM, ate, and then watched a couple of episodes of a Netflix TV show and then finally went to sleep at 330am.

My sleep was incredibly poor (as I normally wake up at 430am) and I’m now busy trying to recover from a headache.

I’ve also learnt nothing new about sales or otherwise having not done any reading whatsoever since Wednesday.

So that’s also interesting as well –

To see the disruption of my routine and also see what happens when you stop learning. My innovation cripples alongside it and I can visibly see that during this last week I’ve bought nothing new to the table.

It’s honestly incredible how destructive it is not being able to stick to a routine.

This I see is at the foundation of any success I’ve had over the last 2 years – that my routines have allowed me to accelerate any success that I’ve had over this time.

Today’s lesson in my mind comes from a different angle in that – when you have a strong routine (as I have had up until Wednesday) – that seeing the effects of obliterating that routine are deadly.

It’s like a part of me just withered away so quickly – no learning, no writing, no structure, no innovation.

That then also closes out the power of serendipity – because much of the ideas come from the ‘randomness’ that comes primarily from reading and coming across new books and ideas that I can feedback into my work.

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Let’s come to the ‘learning outcomes’ of today’s blog post – which I see is relatively short but much more a rant than anything else –

You can discover the power of your routine by getting really into the swing of it – and then totally blowing it up for a few days and witnessing the ramifications of that.

I’m around 2 hours behind when it comes to reading, several blogs behind and I’ve got at least one pissed-off client on account of the meeting that was missed.

Furthermore, the true ‘recovery’ time of finding my rhythm again is probably going to take 2-3 days – which means right now – as perhaps you can tell from this blog – I’m mostly focused on catchup.

Ah – I might add to all of this that I’ve not run this week at all – and apparently, I have an ultramarathon in 2-weeks that I’m in no way ready for whatsoever.

And herein lies the power of journaling and documentation.

By writing out the true extent of the power of disrupting a solid routine – it really hits home how much damage I’m doing to myself and how much it can ultimately set your career back.

So – it’s time to (as I am now) – get back into it!