How To Build A Content Repurposing Funnel

How To Build A Content Repurposing Funnel

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Morning all,

Mon 30 Aug

Here’s the time this morning, and today I want to talk about my content repurposing funnel.

i.e how I take this blog and then repurpose it for LinkedIn as well as Medium.

This happens via my writing coach Chris and ultimately begins with the simple act of producing content.

So each morning (as you know) – I’ll put together this blog post in 20 minutes or less.

Subsequent to this it ultimately (there’s a lag) but will find it’s way to Medium and then later to LinkedIn.

In this way – my content get’s 3-runs around the hamster wheel.

I have a chance to introduce it to my blog readership and this also provides SEO benefits. It’ll then go out via Chris Sowers to my Medium readership which is slowly growing.

Then later Lydia Sims will post it on LinkedInwhich of course gives it exposure to my LinkedIn network.

Thinking about it now – there’s probably other places I could republish my content if I thought about it properly.

Nonetheless – there is plenty of opportunity for you to be able to share your thoughts and stream of consciousness and use it to slowly build your audience.

Currently I’m watching Adam Enfroy’s ‘Blog Growth Engine’. It is basically an affiliate marketing course that’s focussed around building your personal brand.

And content repurposing (I haven’t got more than 25% into the course yet) – is something that will likely be covered later.

Now, much of your ability to build your brand depends upon the utility of your content. Mine (right now) is probably on the lower side because I write this content as a stream of consciousness rather than with any tactical keyword intent.

But you’ll also find plenty of keyword researched types of ‘stuff’ on my blog.

As you can see – it’ll end up going onto my LinkedIn account looking something like this:

Deepak Shukla Twitter

And here are my Medium stats:


All tiny numbers for sure – and there’s (with enough time and effort) undoubtedly ways to amplify this.

[convertful id=”197358″]

Regardless though – I know there are those who follow on LinkedIn and those who follow on Medium as ways of keeping updated with what’s happening – and fundamentally it’s a simple way to increase your footprint online.

Adam Enfroy in his training says he makes over 100k a month using his personal brand and through his website – which is staggering.

I’ve got a long long way to go –

Details View

But fortunately – overall the website is headed in the right direction.

From a ‘traffic ‘ perspective my website is still tiny.

However, from an ROI perspective, it’s already big as many many prospects comment that my story/journey/their perception of me is one of the deciding factors when it comes to working with Pearl Lemon.

Also, you have longevity with this approach.

Your brand name you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life so a slow and steady investment into it (with the repurposing in mind) – will just keep paying dividends month on month and year on year.

It’s something akin to the authority flywheel.

More content will equal more exposure which will equal more links (for SEO) which will lead to more exposure and more content…and it continues.

It’s nice to see the keyword growth of my personal website and to have finally turned a corner whereas before everything was headed south.

There are some caveats that come with republishing by the way.

None of it is an exact copy-paste from my website.

  • Parts of it are rewritten
  • Blogs are always published at least a week before it goes out anywhere else

Exact copy-pasting is something that it’s better to shy away from generally – as much as Google understands where the original lives.

Some will say republishing is completely fine. These folks will also agree that unique is better – but I appreciate it’s inconsistent.

Regardless of what you do…

Regular publishing of content for yourself or your ‘personal brand’ will only take you to good places – so get there!