The Chaos That Comes With Growth And How To Reflect Upon It


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Morning all,

Thu 1 Jul

Feels good to just be ‘brain dumping’ again haha.

So we’re still in the ‘chaos’ phase when it comes to building Pearl Lemon Leads.

We’ve onboarded a load of clients and we’re definitely headed in the right direction on that front –

And correspondingly we’re beginning to identify people that I hope will become long-term stars over the next few years.

Let me try and review what’s happened in the last couple of months:

  1. We’ve identified a combination of Filipino and India data-entry virtual assistants who are happy full time between $200-400 per month because it’s (for their location/earning potential) a good salary for them – this is making us very adept at getting things done
  2. We’ve identified a highly-skilled Filipino team in Kristel, EJ, Dona and hopefully others who can make up the backbone of our sales team.
  3. We’ve also identified some UK sales recruits in Lauren and Adrian to complement this mix
  4. Our head of sales Adam goes from strength to strength in terms of his own development and contribution
  5. Pearl Lemon Accountants launched as a blog 6-weeks ago and the website is gaining traction quickly (35 blogs written/8 service pages built)
  6. We’ve developed a self-paced video training programme for new sales starters that is growing daily (atm it’s 25 videos) – to help speed up their onboarding
  7. We’re developing copywriting training for cold email to help upskill Lydia her told as head of operations across lead-generation and client relationship management – again all recorded for new starters
  8. I continue to learn stuff from Brian Dean and share it with our head of content and head of pr and SEO team
  9. We’re implementing expert round ups across every website to help drive more links to our content (here’s one that just went live)
  10. Our processes with client communications is improving rapidly with the lead-generation side of the business as our clients are helping drive improvements [convertful id=”197358″]
  11. We’ve purchased Uplead and ZoomInfo to give us access to better databases to generate leads from
  12. We’ve got our first intern for Real Estate which is a big relief to our team on that front
  13. We’ve now got 2 PR clients and we’re making a drive with producing more PR content for Pearl Lemon so we can keep winning more PR clients
  14. We’ve decided to launch an agency Pearl Lemon Web which will be live (from a website perspective) before the end of this month
  15. We’ve now permanently solved the Google My Business issue as we’re reaching out to some of our team members to get locations registered to ensure that we have maps listings representative of our people around the globe
  16. We released our first monthly newsletter yesterday and have a company updates group as well to let people know how we’re doing

These are just some of things I can recall from memory that are really positive that have happened over the last couple of months.

I need to write blogs like these sometimes (or maybe really often) right now – because amidst all of the chaos – it’s also important to focus upon the positives about what we’re doing and the direction we’re headed in.

Naturally, there are also lots of challenges we’re facing at the moment that we’re doing our best to work through as quickly as we can.

The huge upside to pressure is that it forces you to grow really quickly – and most of the things I’ve written above are no small things.

Each of them in their own way are significant.

And that’s one great thing about feeling the heat of growth – that it does forces you to find solutions.

With my approach – I almost try and quickly find the long-term solution to the journey that I’m on.

Right – I think that’s all for today folks!