10x Thinking To Drive Incredible Results


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Hey it’s Deepak Shukla here! Thank you for listening to my podcast – down below you will find the notes and key takeaways from today’s podcast so you can implement them in your everyday life! 

Changes On A Micro Level

Today I want to talk to you about the power of thinking about 10X.

Look at the work that you do and think about “how can I connect the results that I’m driving at the moment for Pearl Lemon”, as well as in a primary or secondary level, depending upon how you look at it, the results I can drive for myself. Say you are in the process of, for example, sending out pitches on a daily basis.

Fundamentally, there’s macro to micro things that you could do to improve your ability to pitch.

So number one, every time you open up a new tab, every time you load up a new web page, you’re waiting for either your computer’s memory to allow tabs to open as well as your internet speed to have a page to load. 

If you can improve your Internet speed and or if you can improve your processing power of your laptop, then immediately you’ll notice a speed increase in terms of switching between tabs. 

This has a direct effect on your potential for pitching, because every time you want to research, your research will get quicker.

Changes On A Macro Level

That’s the first thing. The second thing to think about is something that I often do is “how can you batch process research?” So when you’re looking for something in particular, what I tend to do is if I’m looking to research a specific topic, I will open up five different tabs with different search variations.

So if I’m looking at, for example, information on artificial intelligence, I would Google “Artificial Intelligence 2022.” “Artificial Intelligence 2021.”  “Top Trends in Artificial Intelligence” and what’s uncommon facts and myths, artificial intelligence. 

And then I would open up multiple links per page that loads. So that way I’ll very quickly get a whole variety of information.

Implement Pressure

That’s something else that I do. Now let’s go and think about ultimately, the pitching process. So if you need to think of angles, you could set yourself one to two minute pomodoros where you’re like, right in 1 minute. I need to think of an angle countdown, and the pressure will force you to focus your mind and to really think about what pitches it that I can put together. That’s the next element of it.

If you kind of Pomodoro that and do count down clocks, it moves further in terms of the volume of pitches that you are actually able to write. It’s the same thing if you run sprints where you say, okay, I wonder if I can write a pitch within ten minutes. Wow. I did it in nine and a half. Okay.

I wonder if I can do it in seven. I wonder if I can do it in five. Wow. I wonder if I could do a 30 minutes Pomodoro and write five pitches. Five pitches in 30 minutes, six minutes per pitch.

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Test Yourself

So continually testing yourself to see what’s possible, people will tell you what’s realistic, but then it’s up to you to determine what you can actually achieve and lose all notion of what convention is. Screwing that and seeing what is the actual extent of your capability is another really important thing. 

So if you combine all of these elements and then just focus on timing everything that you do with a view to actually monitoring the time spent on activities that you do routinely and then seeing if you can get those activities down from a perspective of time over time, your output will actually exponentially increase.

Take A Step Further

Then you continue to look at, well, what about keyboard shortcuts?

So, for example, if you enable shortcuts in Google Gmail, you can use the letter C to compose and pop open an email and you can use tab in return so tab and then return to send the email so you can begin to use your mouse less. 

So all of these small things. If you put them together, they begin to stack. And when I say stacked, I mean stack in terms of your actual productivity and ultimate outcome. Not enough people do this now.

These are just some examples of how you can improve your output and the quality of your output. 

“How Can I 10x The Results?”

The second element to it is that you could also sit and brainstorm, for example, ten minutes per week. Just sit. How can I connect my results? Just sit and think about it and again set Pomodoro to it and be like, right?

I’ve got a ten-minute countdown. I use an Android app for Pomodoros and do a ten minute countdown to think about, ““how can I 10X the results I get in this area?”

What can apply? Massive leverage.

What is one thing that I could do that would equal a massive improvement and massive outcome?

How can I get more done, much more done in less time.

So when you think about it in that way, you’ll be blown away by the results that you can achieve.

Key Takeaways

  • There is a macro and micro to everything.
  • Changing things on a micro level can make big impacts!
  • Add pressure to focus your mind and increase efficiency.
  • It is up to you to determine what you can achieve.
  • When you stake all of the small things you get an ultimate outcome.
  • Ask yourself, “How Can I 10x The Results?”