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Hi guys,

My name’s Deepak Shukla and I started this blog really as just a central place to catalogue my experiences and thoughts.

My grandmother on my dad’s side died when I was 19 quite suddenly and at the time it hurt – and it hurts just writing it down now. Her story, as it went undocumented just maintains place inside our minds and over time that will fade too.

So anyway, that got me thinking about existentialism and life and all – especially as my grandfather on my mother’s side gets older today – some 10 years since my grandmother passed.

I’ve recorded several videos of him talking about his life – but how can a mere 40 minutes of video encapsulate 90 years of life?

It’s an injustice, a slight and a lack of respect for what he has done with his time – in bringing my family to the UK – a story I hope to share on this blog one day.

So that has become motivation for me to start my own blog.

To tell you of my life.

My journey.

My experiences.

And in doing so perhaps share with you some of the wisdom I’ve gained in the few years I’ve been on this earth.


I hope you’ll enjoy the stories I have to share on this blog, which are scattered, varied and full of ups and downs as I share what I’ve learnt, seen and done – warts and all.

Thank you!


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