B2B Sales Growth Versus B2C Sales Growth For Pearl Lemon Leads?

B2B Sales Growth Versus B2C Sales Growth For Pearl Lemon Leads

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Morning all,

Mon 13 Sept

I had something of a brainwave last night when I was thinking about one of our campaigns for Pearl Lemon Leads.

So we’ve got an American realty client who we’re cold calling for at the moment.

Now what’s interesting about this campaign is several things:

It’s business to consumer

In this regard – the campaign is easier than the B2B clients we’re calling for in that there is a much less complex requirement as it’s not businesses we’re calling.

The lists are much bigger

So unlike lists for many B2B campaigns – the list of prospects to go after is ‘infinite’. For example, our client in the USA has over 11,000 phone numbers he will give to us over the coming months – and that list will likely take months to exhaust. And when we DO exhaust that list the first time around…we’d go through the same list again.

The campaigns last longer than B2B

B2C campaigns – because of the size of the lists – typically last much much longer than B2B campaigns because of the depth of the market.

With B2B campaigns there are often-time very specific requirements that make the lists smaller and the requirements more complex

Getting through to the decision-maker is vastly easier

With a B2C campaign, you’re almost always talking to the decision-maker or a heavy influencer. This means there’s little time wasted in trying to ‘get through to the right person’. When the phone gets picked up it’s almost always the right person.

The products are simpler

Naturally, when you’re selling to homeowners – it’ll be anything from – mortgages, insurance, utilities, financial investments or something of this ilk. It’s much less complex than a series of B2B requirements where the person you’re speaking to is locked behind gatekeepers, and even when you do get through, you don’t even know if they’re qualified.

The technology used to make calls is superior

When it comes to comparing the technology used for making B2B calls (e.g something like Aircall) as opposed to what folks use for B2C calls (e.g a 4-line power dialer). The difference is night and day. The B2C market relies upon power dialing so much more than B2B – and when you apply this technology to certain B2B campaigns you can achieve superior results – faster

The time spent on the phone/talk-time is longer

Given it’s easier to connect to decision-makers in the B2C market – it means the overall talk-time of your agents is far superior to it is in the B2B space. Simply put it’ll mean more bookings because you’re spending more time on the phone.

You’ll get more appointments in B2C

As with the above, because you’re spending more time on the phone overall – your appointment hit-rate is going to be that much higher in a B2C campaign than it is a B2B.

You’ll find it easier to hire, train and retain sales recruits

As the complexity of the role is that much easier, it means you don’t need such a high level of a salesperson on the phone. It means at times a solid Filipino salesperson can drive results. Furthermore, because they spend longer talking, and generate more bookings than in B2B – they’re more likely to stick around with you in general.

Salespeople going from B2B to B2C will do very well

The complexity of the decision-making process and technical product knowledge needed within B2B means that if you regularly do B2B sales calls (as we do at Pearl Lemon) – then you’ll find making the switch to B2C that much easier.

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Clients are more likely to outsource; for longer

Given the nature of the number of lists required to call – companies will be more inclined to outsource this work for longer periods of time as it’s not part of their core business

B2B Campaigns are often experimental

The nature of a B2B campaign is that it’s often for a new startup, on a limited budget, trying to establish a proof of concept. Because of this, the longevity of the campaign is at risk from day 1.

B2B Companies will ultimately want to go inhouse

A B2B company can often onboard a limited amount of clients (especially if the service requirement is heavy) – meaning that at some point they will want to take the prospecting in-house.

Overall…B2C Campaigns are better to service

So…with all of the above in mind – I’m hoping I’ve made a good case for why we’re going to continue to do both types of work – but look to grow out the B2C side of Pearl Lemon Leads as we move forward.