Why Deepak Is A Sought-After Speaker

Deepak Shukla is a results-driven digital marketing expert who has been featured on: TedX, SEMRush, WooRank, Inc, The Huffington Post and more.

He’s also a personal growth guru, having racked up 1,000+ hours of his own coaching in CBT, psychodynamic therapy, relationship, business accountability and high-performance sports coaching.

Deepak draws upon the lessons he’s learnt from his travels to 50+ countries, living in 9 countries and running marathons in 15 of them. Having spent time training with the British and Georgian Special Forces, and run numerous Ultramarathons and Ironmen, Deepak understands high performance and how to achieve it.


“Deepak is an impactful speaker who injects humour into his presentations whilst sharing unique insights and actionable advice”

Talking At TEDx Birmingham, UK

I revealed to an audience of university students the importance of having an online presence on different social media platforms, and how to create one that enhances your personal brand while protecting your privacy.

Talking At Chelsea FC Education Hub

I gave a presentation at Chelsea FC in their education hub to local entrepreneurs who are just starting out – discussing how I went from 0-20k a month whilst working from McDonald’s. Here I describe how to hustle and grow a company from scratch.

From 0-10k Per Month Event

Every month, I host an event for entrepreneurs, who are looking to BOOST their revenues at a rapid rate and take their start-ups to the next level. I share my experiences of growing my business, Pearl Lemon, and emphasise the importance of leveraging all digital assets. Attendees leave with actionable advice that they can go away and implement immediately. Join my meetup group.

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