Building A Scholarship Programme

Building A Scholarship Programme

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Morning all,

Time and Date

Here’s the time, and today I want to talk about the scholarship programme I’m building with Josh supporting me.

Today’s blog is more written out of frustration as I’m not executing upon the tasks I’m meant to be doing and things are just sliding.

So the basic premise of the programme is to get all of the applicants to see if they’re interested in joining a paid programme about how to win a scholarship.

Right now the funnel is >

They approach Pearl Lemon via our scholarship page, and then make an application. We capture their contact details and then reach out to them to talk to them about the programme.

The challenge right now is that our main salesperson Guy has disappeared off the face of the earth. Having salespeople who are available on a regular basis is actually a real problem I’m facing at the moment.

This is scuppering the plans around this entirely – however in a way it’s good for a couple of reasons –

  1. It makes me realise the need for another sales person on our team
  2. It underlines how much more I need to do on the email front with looking across the board at all the emails we generate and seeing what would be the ‘one-funnel’ for all of them – or multiple funnels – but some time needs to be put back into this

Anyway – back to the funnel for the Scholarship programme >

There is a huge amount of students globally who are looking to get paid scholarships and are looking for advice as well as actual places on academic programmes.

A fraction of these are applying to Pearl Lemon and there’s a real opportunity to build a programme for them.

As you can see the opportunity in India is huge:


And given the way we’re chased at Pearl Lemon for a scholarship – there’s definitely an opportunity to build a paid programme that puts together all of the insights I’ve gathered from helping students with applications into a self-led programme.

So the reason for writing this blog is to kick my arse into gear when it comes to moving the needle forward on this >

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Here’s what I have just done:

  • Told my sister-in-law (whose considering coming to work at Pearl Lemon) that she can help focus on this space by calling students on a daily basis (in the instance that Guy is away again)
    • She would then be the sales rep who would book the initial appointments potentially
  • Messaged my buddy Luc to ask if he’s around to do the video call today
    • I helped him win a £30,000 scholarship to Warwick university so I need a video case study on this
  • Messaged Guy to see if he’s back to work today
    • So that he can crack on with the calls today if he does come back
  • Upload the Crazy Call link to Soundcloud so Josh can listen into it for feedback
  • Ask Josh if he’ll consider extending the month since it looks like it may well go over (he’s said can we switch it to revenue share – something I’ll consider today)
  • Messaged Tenny to ask him to resolve the CRM issue with the scholarship leads to get them all into a CRM
  • Reset my logins for Salesflare and discovered we have a £500 bill for something we’re not using – messaged support regarding this to follow up

Here’s what I intend to do:

  • Clone my booking page to have it for the Scholarship Mastery page
  • Have a call with Tenny and Lydia to discuss building out the rest of the funnel


So – they are my plans for the moment – it’s important as I’m absolutely behind on where I wanted to be with building this out and it’s a huge frustration for me.

Which is what is driving this blog (and has taken me the best part of an hour to write this up as I’m actioning stuff as I write it out)

In summary – this has the potential to become a mid-six figure business if I build this out right – and much of this is about staying the path and committing to daily activity – and this is what this blog is in aid of!