My Journey to Become a 7-Figure Copywriter

7-Figure Copywriter

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Morning guys,

Tue 16 Mar

Here’s the time.

I struggled a little to figure out what to write about this morning.

I’m slowly beginning to debate the power of thinking ahead when it comes to deciding what to write these mornings.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Furthermore, I’m not getting the reward from Google I was hoping for which is frustrating.

This is something we’re still trying to figure out – but there you have it.

Anyway, one of the things I’m working on right now is to improve my copywriting skills.

I’ve done a launch with a buddy of mine Raghav sometime ago and we took it to a decent five-figure sum.

Raghav wrote the entire copy for the funnel and it was incredible to see people ultimately purchase for $997.

That changed my conception of what was possible when it comes to copywriting – and now I’ve decided to get on that journey.

Fast forward a couple of years later and there was a chap called Alex who applied for a job as a commission-only sales rep for Pearl Lemon – but in fact, what he was looking for was a company to introduce his group of locksmiths to.

He has a funnel that makes approximately 4-5,000 Euros a month from the launch he has running.

That’s made me realise once again that there’s a real opportunity here – and that I must do what I can to build out the funnel I’m putting together.

That’s why I wanted to write this blog about 7-figure copywriting secrets.

I’m currently listening to Russel Brunson – ‘The Perfect Webinar’ in order to make sure that I put together exactly that – the perfect webinar.

Webinar Script Template

So I’m in the midst of building out a funnel which I’ve halted temporarily for no real reason at all – but I’ll very quickly walk you through (broad strokes) what I am doing at the moment:

I’m putting together a funnel using the funnel builder Kajabi – which consists of 12 emails put to try and sell what will end up being a $497 training on how to get a salary promotion.

The funnel will be > 3-7 short training videos on YouTube and/or a straight opt-inpage. Then it’ll go to a sequence of emails. Once people opt-in, however, they may well be redirected to the sales page.

Then there’ll be ‘the perfect webinar’ that will be running that people will have the opportunity to watch.

And the idea is, between the emails and the webinar – that some of these people will end up making a purchase.

In parallel what I started doing yesterday was listen to Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman about Ad Agency Psychology that you can infuse into your content to sell anything to anyone.

Audible by Amazon

That’s an audible that I’m slowly working my way through.

Slowly, slowly, I’m trying to chip away at the mountain so I build a funnel that generates consistent income for me.

Of course, I’ve not even got to the launch yet!

Nonetheless – if you’re anything like me and you’re trying to learn and internalise this skill – I wanted to share with you the approach I’m taking to making this happen.

It definitely feels possible based upon what I’m reading that you can become a 7-figure copywriter if you take action and educate yourself.

With where I’m at – I’ve done neither, but am now slowly headed in that direction.

The other element of this is that I think you need to try and set yourself some simple targets with doing a test launch, and putting together all of the pieces.

So here’s my commitment to you:

I’ll launch this by the 22nd March.

If I don’t I’m going to donate $1,000 to a cause I really don’t want to.

[convertful id=”197358″]

That’s the other part of becoming a 7-figure copywriter (or indeed anything I think) – setting yourself targets and having expectations is important.

And then getting there will involved learning and executing.

This isn’t a blog that contains a foolproof guide – rather it’s sharing the journey I’m undergoing in order to get there.

I’d say set a launch date for whatever programme you’re trying to build and then work backwards from there figuring out what is needed to make each step happen.

It’s an effective way to put pressure on yourself to learn.

I’ve attempted to learn copywriting absent any pressure – and other things in life have simply got in the way – so I’d say apply the pressure first.

Then – you’ll really do what’s necessary to figure out how to do a 7-figure launch.

And again I referenced training programmes – it can be for whatever you want I presume.

A physical product, an online programme, a workshop, a software tool.

As long as you learn the fundamentals of how to build amazing, compelling copy – then you can apply it to whatever you want – so this is an excellent way to think about it.

What is it that you’re trying to launch?

Can you set a date for it?

Can you give yourself a compelling reason to work through the training and setup needed to take it all the way through to launch?

It’s so damn easy to not do the work (which is tiring an involved) – but hey…

I want to make 7-figures from copywriting just like you –

So let’s do this!

The guru (btw) – doesn’t matter as much as your execution – this is what matters most – so get on your journey to getting motivated, with a deadline – and you can figure out the rest.

So that’s me (and my rant) finished with.

$1,000, sent to a cause I despise if I haven’t launched by Mon 22nd 9am BST.

Let’s do this!