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Travellers and Us Dweebs, Ecuador 2009

Date of entry: June 11, 2009

Some travellers truly travel the road less travelled.

Like Ohso. Or Josh as he is less commonly known.

We met him way back in Quito, but I am reminded of him because of our conversation upon a stairwell that led me into a long conversation with this amazing individual. ?

I no longer backpack.

I vacation in hostels abroad.

Because….and this is how the conversation went:

Ohso: What is the longest time you’ve travelled solo?

Deepak: I went away for 6 months once upon a time

Ohso: No, I mean just you and your pack? Nothing else….

Deepak: Ah, well I’ve not really done that…I went maybe 24 hours once without speaking to another person. That was strange for me.

Ohso: Ah, I see. The longest I have travelled is 3 months solo trekking across the Appalachian trail ?‍, all the way from Maine to Florida. I went for 7 weeks without seeing a single human being…

Relativity is a necessary demon.

However accomplished one thinks he or she is, there are those that are better. Without fail.

The boy is 6ft 3 inches, weighs maybe 110kg, wrestled for his state, speaks Spanish ?, is competent in sign language, has been trekking alone solo since age 15.

He now wishes to go and trek a little in the Amazon and try out his favourite pastime there, fishing. He is also a welder and on his way to university to study Marine Biology and Oceanography.

The boy is 19.

All of you have met this type of person. In any industry, pastime, hobby, sport or profession. You have an idea of what accomplishment is, and then you meet someone that smashes ?  the boundaries.

Ohso is one of these people.

And they are rare and fleeting and leave a lasting impression in our psyche, and an indelible feeling that permeates our thoughts.

Carlos the Chavista was one of them, Nicole, the American woman travelling South America solo and funding herself through artisanry is another…and then I met Ohso: the subject of an intense 5-way hour-long interview.

I pay homage to human nature. Made in God ? or whoever’s image, it is refreshing to meet the kind of people that simply amaze you….


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