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I went away for 6 months to travel around the world when I was 18. The trip spanned February through August in 2004…13 years ago now– and it was absolutely incredible. This blog post is a brief overview of my first trip around the world.


In order to book my trip, I went through S.T.A. Travel; a company that gives you discounts if you’re a student. 🎓

I remember calling them up and asking for an around the world ticket or the most popular travel tour that people booked via the company. The only stipulation I had was that I wanted my travels to start in India.

Oh the Places You’ll Go…

After some a lengthy conversation with S.T.A. I hung up the phone after putting payment down of 1100 GBP for a trip with flexible dates that would take me to:

  • India
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • the States

My Dad, the Savior

It was a very significant moment in my family because I was the first one to go away for such a long period of time. I had hopes that during my time of preparation for this trip I would have people that might want to join me. After some debate, my dad ultimately decided that he’d come with me for the first two weeks of the trip in India, but after that, it was just me and the world.

Bliss is Ignorance

Extended world travel is a big undertaking and not something that many can commit to. However, there I was– fully committed. It felt surreal. 🌎

I didn’t really appreciate the undertaking of this whole event at the time. It was a situation where, well, I was going away and it was going to be a blast– I intended to figure things out as I went along.

So long, Farewell

The magnitude of what I was undertaking didn’t become real until family came and wished me well 👋 as I went off to the airport with my dad. It was at that point that it all really sunk in: I was really, really, going to do this.

It Rocked My World

Ultimately, the trip changed my life– it’s a cliche, but it’s true.

I appreciated going to India for two weeks with my father and seeing the village where we came from and where we grew up. Alongside that and the experiences I had over those 6 months– it was absolutely mind-blowing.

One Journal

Over the course of those months I kept a written journal ✍️. I wasn’t blogging at that time and it detailed, as best I could, everything over the course of my journey around the world. 13 years later, that journal is still an amazing thing to read.

The Experiences

  • I didn’t take a phone with me 📵, I would just use pay phones and etc.
  • I got robbed for my camera 📷 and my money 💸 while I was staying with a chap as part of a tour.
  • I traveled into a part of India by myself.
  • I spent a lot of time getting to know my grandfather as he went up into Shimla: which is part of the Himalayas. ⛰️

Wandering the Tracks

I was wandering along these wooden slats, next to these old trains, when I met Mike from Kenya. This 18 year old was the one who I got into all kinds of shenanigans with in Thailand, including but not limited to: getting beaten up and chased by Thai taxicab drivers.

What a Time to Be Alive

Alongside trekking in the jungle, getting a tattoo, getting my nose pierced, and meeting lots of wonderful people while completely lying about my age (saying that I was a twenty- three year old graduate from Cambridge who was writing for the lonely families) I had the decent ability to bullshit, thus allowing me to do some of the things at the age of 18. 💪

You’re a Talker, I Like That

🗣️ I met thousands of people and had conversations with folks from all corners of the globe.

I met a photographer from San Francisco, Joe. I met of course Mike whom I traveled with and other like travelers in

  • India
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Life of Deepak

  • I skydived 🌠
  • I scuba dived 🌊
  • I became a qualified rescue diver 😎
  • I bungee jumped 🤻
  • I white water rafted 🚣
  • I rode on elephants. 🐘

I simply had the most amazing time of my life. Best of all, I did it all on my own money and I learnt many life lessons.

When it comes down to it, I wholeheartedly recommend facing the unknown and venturing out. Traveling is absolutely one of the best ways to enrich life. 💯

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