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Machu Picchu, Peru 2009

Date of entry: June 26, 2009

A 45 minute soldier hike up to the top in darkness with the two boys from the Emsch family.

Wheezing my way up and feeling so brave and valiant as I passed lady after lady.

Erin is in super shape. I thought I was the supreme man carrying 6 litres of water in my pack as I made my way up without whining. The water was half mine half his.

Now. Making this trek up in the darkness (having woken up at 3.40am) is a world in which there is that unique environment we all know and love.

The darwinian environment, in which it is backpacker eat backpacker, my flashlight 🔦 is better than your flashlight and my flip will out flip any of your flops.

Ha ha. Getting to the top we thought we were victorious and ready to whoop our war cries. To our dismay however, there were like a million people up there before we were, wheezing alongside us in the darkness.

Anyway, in short my travelling gringos and UK based amigos, feel free to exhaust all your superlatives for the wonder that is Machu Picchu.

Truly the remains of what could have been a stupendous Inca city, a world renowned monument, and one that was thankfully lost to the marauding Spaniards several hundred years ago…so that its ruins remain intact if you pardon the irony!

As dawn broke on the day of the Solstice over Machu Picchu, with Alpacas (a close cousin of the Llama) chewing the lawn strip grass peacefully, several thousand feet up in the air…you have to pause and take a breath. 🌬️

There is a reason that the Incas reshaped pre Spaniard civilization, and why they lay testament to the strength of the ancient societies. Brick upon brick, used to sculpt lives, religions and dreams. Fantastic. 💓

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