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Lost boy in Potosi, Bolivia 2009

Date of entry: July 18, 2009

Having jetted into Potosí via bus, arriving around 8 pm in this town some 4300 metres up, the first job was to find appropriate accommodation. Having travelled completely alone now for several days my spanish speaking ability has at the least grown in confidence (for all the realisations I had in Sucre!)

As it is often turning out, the Lonely Planet is not always to be relied upon.

It was with great annoyance that I had a driver take me up the wrong way up a one way street. Being ready to pay with my one American dollar ? (since I had no change), having the bugger return it and asking me to get change from the hostel for my 100 bolivianos, only to find out that it was 75 bolivianos for the night….

5 minutes later, I had the driver reversing backwards down the street as a big 4 by 4 was horning at his puny taxi ? arse. Eventually, swinging round, I headed to another place which I soon moved on from again.

Mr. Taxi Man eventually had me roll into a place for 30 bolivianos for the night. Decidedly local and definitely cheap. Minus the stand off I then had with the driver regarding price, safely did I make into the hostel, solo, as I wondered whether I would be having dinner alone for the evening.

As my Spanish improves, it seems my penchant for meeting people declines, and having dinner alone or making my way through or across places solo no longer seems so much of an issue, or half as daunting as it recently was.

Especially now with the super cool pink earrings I have bought and currently wear everyday without fail. The lady that I bought them from at the market didn’t quite seem to accept that this could be considered a fashion statement in London. Ah. Good times.

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