Leaving La Paz, Vindaloo´s and a Bus Ride to Sucre, Bolivia 2009

Date of entry: July 8, 2009

Vindaloo and the hot ride to Sucre…


There is a famous restaurant in La Paz called “The Star of India”, where you can famously have La Paz´s hottest dish.

Now I only have 5 minutes before I need to shoot. So the time is 11.37 am on Wed 8th July, and I am in Sucre, 12 hours in a bus away from La Paz. I had the most horrendous bus ? ride down for a few reasons….

1)          This curry that I did not get through is like no Indian curry at all. It’s just laced with Peppers ?️ and is designed especially to destroy you intestinal tract, give you an ulcer and of course the most tremendous bowel movements.

2)          Being on the bus only 4 hours after finishing this meal, a bus with no bathroom ??, was one of the most harrowing experiences of my life…When we did finally reach a bathroom stop (all the way at 1 am having got on the bus at 7.30pm)….let’s just say I cleared the area of its occupants..

3)          The bus was freezing ❄️…even with ALL my clothes on…! Anyway, this vindaloo did not taste like good Indian food, it was made by Turks and Englishmen, they spoke no Hindi and I would not go back there again…as I was there hanging out with Steve the birdman (I need to update you about him actually…)

Now, having survived my day and night in La Paz (in which two girls I had dinner with done a runner on me when waiting for me to have breakfast the next morning, and one of them lost their purse), I am now in Sucre.

I am doing a homestay and 5 days of Spanish to see how far I can progress. My spanish is OK now, very basic and is needing a lot of work.

Will update more soon.

Much love ?,