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Every Trip Takes a Downturn, Peru 2009

Date of entry: June 20, 2009

The great fun of life and the irony of it.

James Joyce wrote Ulysses, an epic 1000 page book ? covering just 24 hours.

People can travel, or “live” so to speak, for months at a time and nothing will happen and then 1000 things can happen in a day. I´ll opt for happy medium.


Having had an 8am departure on Friday, I left the (likely) food poisoned ? Thom at the hostel. I then made my way into the town centre to meet Nishma, a Warwick University friend fresh in Cusco to volunteer at a children´s school. Our plan being to backpack for a while.

Having had a good evening catching up with Nishma, seeing an English born woman making out with a French born and French/Spanish speaking man, having had no more, and no less than 1 minute’s worth of conversation was like seeing the cliche foreign love come to life.

It was like the moment when the idiot in the horror films opens the door to let in the monster… ? why oh why?!

This showed me why.

To cut this bedraggled blog short, if you recall those pyjama pants I love to wear abroad but would never be caught in at home… well, when sitting drunkenly in a club rambling really bad spanish, always check your pants when you get up….

So… In the cab at 3am enroute to the hostel, having had a drink too several, bozo checks his pockets. No bulge. Checks again. No camera phone ?

Oh yee beloved Nokia N95 8GB that has taken ALL my photos, audio blogs and many now lost videos. Gone. Check again. No wallet.

With an early start the next morning at 8am, Coming home soooo drunk with no camera, no wallet… and waking up STILL drunk the next morning. With one fatigued Thom…you can imagine.

Your “boy” Deepak….was not a ahem….

Happy chappy…

2004 1128 evolution of man1

Only Deepak does it best. A camera per backpacking trip has been lost so far. But. The wallet, that was new… ?

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