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The Beauty of The Bog, El Bano, and Todo, Peru 2009

Date of entry: June 21, 2009

My stomach has unfortunately gone belly up. Ha ha, I guess most would consider this part and parcel of the trip. It´s called the, “I need my mum!” moment.


Slogging out the trail in the beating sun. Stomach in turmoil, as well as onlookers at my pants. Being grey. I look more Indian than London here….oh joy! Name your cliche…

And being in the middle of the trek, I had the notorious “man up” ? experience of trudging along a railway track, and alternate brick road, whilst to say euphemistically, I really needed to use the bathroom…


The gang. Tymon and family, along with Thom I and the tallest Yansi…war paint at the ready!


Just monkeying ? around….enroute to Machu Picchu…


Enroute the cycle down. 4/5 hours, around 100 kilometres. Mountain bikes. And I didn’t fall over once! Nice…?

Date of entry: June 21, 2009

The time is 3.52pm. I´m in the town of Aguas Calientes at the bottom of Machu Picchu.


The lovelier part of Aguas Calientes, the town at the bottom of Machu Picchu….it’s prettier in person, I promise!

Having had a ticket for the train ? to depart this wonderful wonder of the world (and believe you me, you will metaphorically stand star struck and also literally shit your pants because of the death march up…), I misplaced it when we arrived at the station. Train leaves at 2.30pm, its 2.24pm…..


So having found my ticket ?, I was then found to be under mass suspicion being a British Asian guy “without a ticket” and “alone in Machu Picchu”.

Train has left, Thom has kept my bank card ? in his wallet in his pants on the train, and here I am.

No money ?, the train inspectors wanting $20 at first for a new ticket. Minus the money, which they believed when I showed them ALL my stuff, they ran a passport check and found I DO have a ticket.


So the next thing I discover is that I need 10 soles to pay for the bus enroute from the stop off point for the train (which leaves at 6pm) enroute to Cusco.

With my begging bowl I approached the town centre and managed to find a lady we met along the path up to Winyu Picchu and snag some change from her…


Here I am looking pretty in slippers wondering what to do for money…..yay! I need 10 soles, help!

Oh. It’s 4pm now and I better vamos as my passport is with the train officials and I have yet to receive a copy of the new ticket and I was told in no uncertain terms to return by 4.15pm latest.


And I even convinced this shop owner to let me use their internet for 50 cents. The only change I had, so that I could inform you of my predicament.

The next adventure (if I actually get on the train, and have no food until 10pm when we return to Cuzco with no money…) is how I will pay for the cab, and tell him where I live since the card for the hostel was lost in the wallet before I arrived.

Oh, bloody, joy… ha ha.

Bad things tend to come in 3s…..?

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