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Arriving in Uyuni and the Bus Ride Over, Bolivia 2009

Date of entry: July 20, 2009


Again leaving Potosí I didn’t exactly have a smooth journey of it, as I arrived at the bus station in ready ment for my trip ahead.

Having asked what time the bus left I asked a gringo (whose name was James by the way, really nice Australian guy) if he could watch my bags while I went to buy some fruit.

Little did I remember that there are no cash points in Uyuni. So whilst his girlfriend Alison and an American Taiwanese girl called Lin, looked after our bags, off we whistled in a cab to go to an atm ? machine.


Deepak and Lin, too cool for school. Of course, Lin also likes dirty old men…it says so on her hand…

I didn’t count on the cab driver asking us to pay 10 bolivianos on the way back, as he waited for us at the atm, the original price having been five.

Then I didn’t also count on him pulling away saying he was taking us off to the police station when we (well mainly I) refused to cough up…ah….James bailed us out. Good times.

The Bumpy Bus Ride Over

Well it certainly was an interesting ride over through the desert, with the masses of dust ? that visibly filled the bus, causing us to cough at regular intervals, and had me actually wishing for once that I actually bought a mask. And not for the dreaded swine flu but rather this damn dust.

The other highlight was having this little pooch wander around the bus as we prattled along, with a notable lack of suspension.

Lin was certainly aware of every bump we went over, as she tried to probe the depths of my mind, being the psychology grad from UCLA that she is.

It’s a wonderful thing being a guy just to note. At the regular stops we made along the way, almost like scenic stops of lung filling dust, we were able to pee freely with the wind in our hairs so to speak whilst the girls grumpily would wait for the one toilet to be free.


Right before I, or something was gone with the wind….so to speak!

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