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After Leaving Rio I had meant to head to Amsterdam. Somehow, I ended up in Chigny.

From Rio to Chigny

I ended up living in Chigny, Switzerland for a period during 2014.

I had just finished up my trip in Rio. In order to leave Rio you go via Barcelona to back to Europe. ✈️

A Tattoo Along the Way

So, I jetted into Barcelona and the plan was to get a tattoo symbolizing my Muay Thai kickboxing training. The artwork itself was inspired by the classic Muay Thai movie Ong-Bak.

I went to two artists while I was there, dropped 400 Euros, and spent four hours getting a tattoo ?across my right thigh.

Originally Amsterdam

The plan following the tattoo session was to go to Amsterdam ?? as I was meant to meet my best friend, Luke, there. The city was the next stop on my hit list so to speak  

You see, I was still trying to get over Daniela during this period in my life. Really, I was just looking for ways to fight unhappiness and depression caused by our breakup. Partying and adventure seemed the way to do it– of course, I’d have to go to the Netherlands.

It Didn’t Quite Work Out

The problem was that I turned up late to the airport and missed my flight to the Netherlands. I turned 40 minutes before the flight was supposed to leave– which I am used to doing when flying domestic flights. Unfortunately, I ended up missing my check-in because I forgot that I was taking an international flight out and had stowaway luggage. It never crossed my mind that I needed to be there a little bit earlier than I was used to. 

Changing Plans

There I was at the airport, checked out of my hostel in Barcelona. I’d been the city for a couple of days while I was waiting for my flight and now had no place to go.

My WIFI wasn’t that great inside the airport but I was able to give Luke a call eventually and I asked him if he could have a look at some other flights for me. He started the initial search and then he said, “Why don’t you just come here? You can stay at my place.”

I told him to give me a few minutes to think about it.

Ultimately, I ended up saying, “Fuck it, let’s do it”?. His family is wonderful and he has an incredible home so I couldn’t possibly say no.  

Luke ended up booking my flight into Geneva right then and there.

Thus, I ended up Chigny, Switzerland all because of a missed flight. ?

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