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Date of entry: May 9, 2009

Just another quick note while I wait for the bus ? that´s heading to Los Lanos!

15012008085                                                                   This is it……..

Every white guy (like Hugh the 28 year old admissions clerk of Cas Business School) is fondly referred to as a “gringo” by the locals.

It was strangely amusing as we were hassled by a local man that considered me a “negro” as was he (he had mixed blood though), in the midst of his continual asking for money. ?

Now, on the face of it, it was scary as we were a little lost in the twilight hours with Hugh and his girlfriend as we wandered back to the hostel.

The pleb – wander did not…And his skinny 5ft 8inch frame that slouched over his own shadow, seemed to hide within it a sharp weapon ⚔️ of some kind. His outer facing hand kept fiddling with his pants/belt buckle, and the impression of danger was upon us.

And of course, numero un idiota did not think until several seconds in to stop the incessant jingle of the copious amounts of shrapnel that was now scarring my pocket.

Oh joy.

The second stupidest thing I did after stopping that metallic rant was to try and appease him with a token offering..

30c from a wealthy looking backpacker would piss of even the tamest of us all.

Once he realised we would not be budged, he actually directed us back to the hostel we were staying.


Undoubtedly, the Englishman abroad is still a supreme idiot.

16012008094                                             I´m too sexy for my Lonely Planets

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