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Date of entry: May 21, 2009

One amazing scenario after another.

It is unusual for a man to outdo himself, three times over.

It’s almost like going to the point of no return. And this is yet another one of the reasons why I love to travel. ?️

Many people on the road that you come across (and there are many) fit into neat little boxes ? in life.

However, there are those that find a life on the roads ?️ less travelled, others that find travelling fits a neat box in between defining moments of their lives, study, work, a new career or profession, and those who become seduced by the lures of a Lolita-esque lifestyle of city lights. ?

Then there is Carlos.

A man that defines and breaks these conventions, notions of what it is to “live life” and still be in Pursuit of Happiness ?.

His road is one of passion, of a photographic narrative ?, a spiralling story of snapshot moments in life, that defy a linear scope.

He lives for the moment.

He has only a television and a room, an MBA and a life in the jungle.

He has the love of a good woman ? and the loss of a potential soul mate, and a scholarship which he will take that will take him to Poland to study global capitalism.

It could be a snapshot from a modern day Huxley´s “Brave New World”. For he is every man and no man at all.

Much as I tried to understand, I failed.

The man leaves me dumbfounded and speechless.

18012008122They cant put me in a box……

As us seven souls motored along the river ?…..the crouching tiger hidden dragon sprung into the rushing water up and seemingly almost onto a floating object of some kind.

Tom remarked,

“Ah he missed it.”

Did he miss it like flies miss a shit?

UP he came from the depths straddling a turtle, and exclaiming “help me, help me!” as we gawked like good tourists fumbling for our various Nikon, Panasonics, Fuji, or Casio cameras to get that elusive shot. ?

The dude, and I use that term in literal terms, brought up a blasted turtle!

dscn9803Ninja Turtle my arse

So there sat we, turtle, Carlos, tourists and all………?


I know.


dscn9723Tom…….get stuck in will you mate! ?

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