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Date Of Entry: May 1, 2009

I finished at Barnhill today – it was an odd experience leaving! I actually wanted to tell one last kid to go home and get his smart card.

Or wander off aimlessly to “the bathroom…” in a bid to avoid working 🙂

Woah! Within 48 hours I will be arriving in to Caracas, Venezuela.

I’ve had some issues with finding a place to stay there and it’s left me feeling a bit nervous. I’ve spoken to friends that have friends in the area, yet nothing seems to pan out in terms of lodgings. ?

So, I’ve turned to the trusty Lonely Planet guide. ?

And guess what? Thanks to said guide, I’ve found a charming little brothel that I will be residing in.

A travel–cum coitus lounge.

At only $9 a night according to the old Lonely Planets – well – who can argue! We shall see what actually happens though; sometimes surprises await when you turn to guide books!

Meanwhile, I need to get my currency ☑️, pack my stuff ☑️, say buh-bye to the woman ☑️, the family and friends ☑️.

Also need to sort out online banking. Shit. ?

And I haven’t got a camera yet. ?

Well, I’m going to Caracas, so at least I have balls. Upon arrival and for 50 Bolivar’s though…that may change..

Oh, well.

As Buzz Lightyear would said, To infinity and beyond!” right? …”Castration and beyond!” wouldn’t quite be the same, would it?

Hmmm…need to work out how to put photos/videos, etc on here still as well.(things weren’t so easy for me back in 2009 haha)

.dsc00461                                                             Hey, look! It’s me!

I managed it figure it out!

It’s not the best picture but it’s from today (May 1st 2009) and this is what travelling is all about, right?

Living in the moment.

Who cares what I look like!

Anyways dudes, laters– might go for a run. ?‍

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