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That the more you experience. The faster you will learn. 

  • Stack experiences. Go for volume
    There is this misnomer that abounds that we must take our time when we do things otherwise quality will be lost. Not true. Just make 6 attempts in the same time it takes ‘the other guy’ to make 1. I can GUARANTEE your 6th attempt will be better than his 1st 90% of the time
  • Find purpose. It doesn’t need to be a lifelong one – a year long one will do
    If you commit to just two goals a year. e.g. One professional – I want to get a£10k promotion and I want to turn my relatively flat stomach into a six-pack ab stomach 

    You’ll do yourself a great justice
  • Become resilient. Learn to toughen the f*ck up
    Once you finish university. Consider leaving your parent’s home. Suddenly you realise the world doesn’t play nice and equally doesn’t play evil. It just is. So you need to step up to the plate and making waves. Whatever name/reputation you built in school. Once you leave you’re entering a different playground that’s much bigger.
  • Develop the art of charisma and communication
    In school your grades were enough. Being the ‘smartest guy in the room’ is largely enough. When you leave. It means very little. You could be the smartest guy in the country. But if nobody likes you, finds you interesting, charismatic, easy to talk to; you’re going to be in for world of knock-backs
  • Build a fitness habit
    I write about this in a lot of posts. I’m glad I do. It’s damn important. Keep in shape. As to how is your choice. The strategy is exactly that – strategy. The motivation and continuity is important. Find your ‘why’ and run with it. 

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