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  • Go backpacking
    • It opens your mind up to the world, people, culture and more
  • Go backpacking in a place where English isn’t spoken
    • South America, South Asia – this’ll help toughen you up and you’ll learn alot about street smarts
  • Have a one night stand
    • Experiences of this can vary – but I’d say it’s an experience worth having
  • Talk to a stranger
    • It’s scary, exhilarating and a good way to think on your feet
  •   Stay up for 24 hours
    • Always an experience worth having
  • Eat street food
    • The older you get – the less likely you’re to do this – so do it in your 20s
  • Get horribly drunk and have a friend take you home
    • We all need/should have this one story
  • Take a budget airline somewhere random on a work day
    • The exhuberance of youth
  • Try and start your own company
    • The younger you are – the less you have to lose
  • Get a tattoo (optional)
    • I got 2 sleeves
  • Run a marathon
    • If you wait till your 30s…you’ll probably be waiting till your 40s..
  • Introduce your parents to someone highly inappropriate for you
    • This will always be remembered
  • Party all night
    • I was never v.good at this – managed like 2/3 times
  • Go to Rio Carnival/Cancun/Agia Napa/Ibiza
    • Party like your single
  • Get hammered on a weekday
    • At 30+ this gets a lot harder

For more of my advice upon life see here.

Other broader things: Read/Exercise/Network/Learn/Save/Invest etc don’t just apply to your 20s. They can be for all life 🙂


This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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