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Once when I was complaining to my uncle about life not being fair: About not having

  • access to the same resources that ‘guys in the valley’ have;
  • or ‘the investment appetite in the US compared to the UK’
  • or the fact I had ‘no network’

He told me this wonderful story that changed everything.

Uncle (U) Me (M)

U: Do you watch Top Gear?

M: Yes!

U: Right you know the driver?

M: Jeremy Clarkson?

U: No no – the driver that we never see? Stig!

M: Oh yes

U: Ok so he is someone that is never revealed. We don’t ‘know’ who Stig is!

M: Yes..

U: So what’s amazing about Stig is that every time he appears – he is driving a different car

M: True

U:Stig never has the same car every time we see him on the show – and we never know who Stig actually is. All we know is that he is a brilliant driver!

M: That’s true

U: Well Deepak. Life is a little bit like that. When you line up on the racecourse of success in this life; not everyone is going to have the same car. Some start with Ferrari’s. Porsche’s or a Tesla. You might start with a battered old Ford Escort. But it isn’t the man with the best car who win’s in life. It’s the best driver, and the best driver takes all his opportunities and learns, so that if indeed he does one day step into a Porsche; he is ready to run rings around everyone with it.

And remember. Life is long. You have time. It’s going to be a long old race!

That was 10 years ago. And I still remember it today. Don’t worry about having the best car. Worry about being the best driver. The rest will follow.

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This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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