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Let’s make the number 13 lucky this time.

  1. Keep a separate bank account that you need to go IN-STORE to withdraw money
    1. Set up a weekly direct debit to it of $20 a week
    2. Forget about that money
  2. When you get your paycheck take out your savings and put it into your savings account FIRST
    1. Then pay your bills
  3. Find a friend who loves ‘best deal’ mobile phone contracts. We all have one
    1. Ask for their help with your phone contract to bring the prices down. They’ll know multiple tricks
  4. That same friend will be also likely able to help with ‘best deal’ utilities, cable, and insurance. Or they’ll know someone who will
    1. You’ll probably end up saving $200-$500+ a year
  5. Consider all places you dine/watch movies/do activities at 80% of the time
    1. 20% of them will have discount vouchers online. Find them
  6. Food shop on a full stomach
    1. Your eyes are always bigger than your stomach then
  7. Speak to a debt advisor
    1. See if your debt is in order
  8. Speak to a builder/handyman/electrician/plumber
    1. Find out where there is ‘leakage’ in your home – i.e any inefficiencies that an upfront spend would result in long term savings
  9. Balance transfer debt/interest free credit card offers
    1. Take the offer. I know you ‘won’t’ get a credit card 🙂
  10. Get used to NOT  buying savoury/sugary products at the supermarket
    1. Make yourself walk to the cornershop
  11. Learn about promotion, salary increases and documenting your ‘wins’ at work
    1. Will help when you try and make a payscale jump
  12. Don’t expunge, just reduce
    1. Aim for progress not perfection
  13. Invest some time to learn about wealth creation as well
    1. There’s so many ways. Take your pick


This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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