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Romance; like success isn’t a destination. It’s an ongoing process that also has elements that can be ‘learned’ over time. Practice makes for a better everything.

I remember sitting in my dorm room with the woman who was to be my first ever girlfriend. I had the nervous grin of a teenager as I said ‘I’m just off to use the bathroom – I’ll be back in a minute’.

I immediately left the room and ran across the hall to see a mate and give him live ‘status updates’ as to how it was going.

‘Dude – I like her – it’s going really well!’

I felt like a giant school kid; stood for the appropriate time I felt a toilet break would take and then went back into the room abruptly without looking.

I caught her checking her makeup in her little vanity mirror from within her purse and she looked mortified…for about a second before we both started laughing.

I then told her where I’d actually gone. And then invited my hallmate in for a few minutes so they could introduce.

We both smiled deeply at each other, as butterflies filled my chest.

Within weeks we were ‘in love’.

I was 19 years old.

Romance before you are 20 is definitely not pointless

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This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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