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I’m 29.

My perception of time has changed from 20 to 29.

  • At 20 I’d only lived 1/20th of my life and didn’t even remember all of it. From 0-11 it’s patchy
    • That’s from 12 – 20 then that’s clear. Meaning I remember only 40% of my life
    • 1 year at THAT POINT is significant
  • At 30 (to round up) I’ve lived 1/30th of my life and remember 18 years of my life
    • That’s 60% of my life I remember
    • 1 year at THAT POINT isn’t as much time

So what’s the point?

I feel lost at moments every year. It was a much bigger deal at 20 than now at 29. I realised:

  1. It doesn’t change anything externally – I just worried internally
  2. This feeling come’s and goes over time
  3. Feeling ‘lost’ is normal
  4. As it becomes ‘normal’ you realise that it isn’t ‘lost’ you’re feeling but rather just a sense of occasional drift
  5. The feeling of being ‘lost’ helps us reorientate
  6. It’s like open water swim races – and when you ‘look up’ to see the buoy as you make your onward journey and correct your stroke, to keep swimming in the intended direction
  7. Our intended direction typically doesn’t come in our early 20’s. But keep swimming, keep looking up – you’ll find your buoy soon

This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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