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How about this:

  • Thailand – In Ko Pha Ngan I was beaten up by Thai taxi drivers
  • Thailand – In Bangkok I had my digital camera pick-pocketed in a club 6 hours after buying it
  • Venezuela – In Caracas I was held at gunpoint in a van by police officersDeepak Shukla’s answer to Hypothetical Scenarios: If you were ever held at gunpoint, what would you say to the gunman? – see here
  • Venezuela – In Caracas I stayed in a brothel first night as it was the only place still open ‘for customers’
  • Kosovo – In Prishtina I was extorted by a cab driver as he took me to the only hostel open at 11pm at night. This was after being smuggled across the border from Serbia. I was alone. I was just 18.
  • India – In Goa a man that befriended  me in a resort then stole my camera and all my money when I went to buy a bus ticket to Poona. When I got back to the hotel he had fled
  • India – In Delhi  I paid off a police officer $150 USD after he detained me when he realised I was English and saw £££ sign’s
  • Brazil -In Rio I tried to withdraw £300 x 2 from the ATM. I never received the money but the bank ‘registered the transaction’
  • Bolivia – The Border – I tried to bribe a border official with $20 USD to let me cross the border with my out of date visa. My Swiss friend and I were removed from the bus we were on, had passports taken away and were locked in a room. That’s when it at all started getting hairy. Let’s just say I’m not allowed to go to Bolivia again
  • Colombia – In Cartegena a couple and I were held at knife point in exchange for cash. We ran
  • Italy – In Turin – I had my backpack with my Macbook Pro, Ipad Air and Kindle stolen whilst I was checking in to go to London. I didn’t get on the plane
  • South Africa – In Johannesburg – I missed my connecting flight to Doha because I was having Indian and watching a YouTube documentary. Paid $900 USD for a direct flight to London
  • Slovakia – In Bratislava I turned up at a pub drunk with 10 other people form my hostel. I was going to walk in when the 20ish shaven headed caucasian males wearing the same shirts and boots looked at me and smiled quietly. ‘You should not go in’. I did not
  • Australia – Somewhere along East Coast: Stopped off in some god forsaken town and missed my ‘out of town bus’. Had to sleep on a bench at a 24 hour petrol station awaiting the next one
  • New Zealand – Somewhere on South Island – The camper van we were driving in broke down in some remote village. The locals had never seen a British Indian. They let me know it
  • (I could continue). If you want me to write it in the comments :p

I’ll continue:

  • Prishtina – Kosovo: Being bundled across the border at midnight in an empty coach – I was the ONLY person going from Serbia to Kosovo. Then upon arrival being asked ‘why are you here?’
  • Argentina – Buenos Aires: Settling in at the hostel (during the World Cup) only to have a man who’d been attacked come in – and then telling us of his friend who had been hit with a motorbike helmet. Cue us in a taxi driving around all night searching for him
  • Barcelona – Spain: Missing my check in for my ‘stow-away’ luggage after flying in just to get a tattoo. Then deciding to go and live in Lausanne instead of Amsterdam as my mate was there. I got on a plane 4 hours later

But would I do it again?

Travel that is….



This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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