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On the opposite sex

  • Arrogance and Self Confidence are NOT the same thing
  • The guy that gets the girls is the guy that makes the girls laugh
  • A body helps but brains beat brawn. Contrary to what FHM/GQ Magazine has on it’s front cover
  • There is nothing more attractive than a man on a mission. A man with purpose
  • Make fun of yourself. It works

On ‘growing up’

  • Know how a washing machine works
  • Know how to wash your dishes and/or hire a cleaner
  • The less slang and fewer idioms in general conversation the better you’ll fare
  • Get your own car insurance
  • Maybe get your own car
  • You should have learnt to drive by now

On work

  • If you’re working at what you love. Keep going
  • If you’re doing what someone said you should do. It’s a ticking time bomb
  • Regardless of the two points above. Self educate. READ

On friendships

  • Karma works. In this lifetime (regardless of the next). Whether you call it ‘The Law of Attraction’, ‘It’s Nice to be Nice’, ‘What goes around comes around’ or you’re actually Hindu (like me)

On health

  • Look at my bio. What do you think?
  • There is no excuse for getting ‘fat’/’overweight’/’big boned’

On your prospects

  • You’re a boy in a man’s body now
  • You can’t blame your mother/school/mates/circumstances anymore

On Life

  • It’s on you.

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This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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