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I flicked through the answers (which are great!); and I’d like to offer a much more practical view of this:


It has to do with

  • What you say?

Is it obvious that you are trying to hit on them?

  • Hey babe?
  • ‘So I wanted to…’ (She leaves)

Maybe you say something weird as an opener:

  • I really like your bag
  • You have nice feet

Maybe you just mumble something incoherently

  • Yes that never helps

However. I suspect it’s not the primary reason

  • How you look?

Are you a short guy approaching tall women?

  • Always difficult

Do you wear some outrageous clothes?

  • You need balls for this!

Maybe you are a ‘nerd’ approaching a ‘model’

  • More balls and game required!

This could in part have a role to play…

  • How you say it?

Do you sound nervous?

  • Like a deer caught in the headlights?

Do you stumble, mumble and jabber?

  • Like someone rushing in from the freezing cold?

Do you stride over with confidence like it’s perfectly natural you are there?

  • Or look like an imposter?

This counts for a lot…

Review your actions against these and try and change them and see what results you get.

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This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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