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  1. Pay the bus to a homeless shelter: $2
  2. Find out what’s required to get a ‘letter of residence’: $2 whilst waiting with a coffee
  3. Take the ‘letter of residence’ to a local library: $2 bus ride
  4. Register and get a library card. $5 for passport photos
  5. Buy 10 tins of baked beans for food $3 @ $.30cents each
  6. Rent out 10 library books at a time: $0
  7. Use the remaining $6 for bus rides to/from the library and more baked beans (when he can’t walk because the books are too heavy)
  8. Read as voraciously as he can in the homeless shelter

Books and the right attitude could change this man’s life.


This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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