Do things.

Of the following

  • Reading ( Competitor Research, Industry Trends)
  • Writing (Blogging/Whitepapers)
  • Speaking (Presentations, Podcasts, Interviews)
  • Listening (Survey’s, Customer Research)
  • Technical (Video Production/Audio/Programming/Music)

Pick your strongest skill. Map out things you are good at in connection with that (in parenthesis I provided some examples). 

Now go out and find some interesting industries – and then some interesting SMALL (to enable fast responses) companies. 

Offer to work for them for free in an area you are good at – that you believe you can help them with. Pick 10 companies to speak to. 

Call/Email them. I guarantee you one of them will say ‘yes’.

And down the rabbit hole you will go.


This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora