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First of all:

  • Don’t think you are alone
  • It’s amazing you asked this question – you’re already ahead of most other people you’re age
  • Even the guys that ACT like they know what they’re doing have huge moments of self doubt

To take another answer I put together:

Here’s my guide:

  1. Accept it might take TIME to find your passion
  2. It begins with trying stuff
  3. It is likely impractical to ‘try’ stuff 6 months at a time when you’re in full time work
  4. Returning to study is a mountain of debt and a backward step
  5. So ‘try stuff’ on a smaller scale. Commit 6-8 solid hours on ‘stuff’ extracurricularly
  6. Try learning to code (that’s why you think computer science will give you I presume)
  7. Try looking at company reports/accounts and running some kind of data analysis
  8. Speak to people in MULTIPLE professions –
    1. Music
    2. Advertising
    3. Accounting
    4. Other areas of Engineering
    5. Insert ANY profession you like
    6. Also don’t forget ENTREPRENEURSHIP – try that (but know it’s v.hard)
  9. Keep a spreadsheet
    1. RANK THEM upon
      1. Career prospects
      2. Earning potential
      3. Raw ‘enjoyment’ initially Vs ‘Could I do this for free?’
  10. Look for something where happiness and money INTERSECT in a way that you could accept and enjoy

Here’s the killer bit. Go all in with No. 10 and know that even in a few weeks/months/years you might change your mind again.

We humans are fickle brother.

This might help.


This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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