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Attack life.

It is your for the taking. You have so much time to ‘be responsible’.

At 16:

Living hedonistically (but safely) is not a bad plan:

  • Responsibilities will come
  • The need for stability will come
  • Husbands/Wives/Partners will come
  • Children, in wedlock or otherwise will come
  • The decay of your body will come
  • The tempering of your ambitions will come


At 36:

  • Your desire to dream may go
  • Your thirst for adventure may go
  • Your ability to push your body will begin decaying
  • Your ability to lose everything and still ‘get it all back’ may already be compromised
  • Your lack of commitment will change

So what could you actually do:

Some ideas:

  • Apply to become a Royal Marines Commando (relevant soldier in your country) Part Time
    • It’s a tough and HUGELY respected adventure
    • The skills you’ll learn through training are second to none
    • The discipline and life skills it’ll give you are second to none
  • Enter a half marathon
    • A good accolade
  • Do a language exchange (go to meetup/gumtree/local classified site)
    • Maybe you’ll learn Spanish and meet a lady
  • Try and write a book about life as a 16 year old
    • Read up on this online
  • Do a distance learning course on Cryptography, Serial Killers Deadly Diseases
    • Great conversation starters
  • Use Ryanair Fare Finder (or your equivalent) to find the cheapest flights you can (should be like <£20 GBP) and go somewhere random
  • Watch videos about Pick Up Artists and use that to try and find your first g/f
  • Apply to Big Brother
    • Even the application would be fun
  • Apply to The Apprentice
    • Again another fun application
  • Apply to the X Factor
    • Same as above
  • Find something you are passionate about and do it FULL FORCE
    • Marathons/Pottery/Rapping/Knitting/Surfing

And in all of this (and education). Try and be the best you possibly can at everything you do. It is the limitations of OTHERS who will tell you ‘it can’t be done.

You are more capable than you will ever know.

For more of my advice upon life head here.


This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora

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