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I scrolled through these answers and see A LOT of:

  • ‘Beauty is relative’ (it is)
    • ‘Some have it worse’ (they do)
  • ‘Just be yourself’ (you should be)
  • ‘Beauty is not just about looks’ (also true)

These are all correct. But I’m guessing don’t provide you with the pratical advice you’re looking for.

Here’s what I recommend doing (for 3 months) and SEE how you feel after. Then review your view of yourself and how others view you through the lens of the man you are today.

  1. Workout. You can get fit in 15 minutes per day
    1. See my profile for a free guide to this
    2. If you’re too lazy to go there know this:
      1. Commit to 100 pressups/100 situps/100 squats per day (or as close as you can do)
      2. Do this for 6 weeks. Take a ‘before and after’ picture.
      3. Compare
  2. Eat better
    1. Protein shake
    2. Less takeaway
    3. Less sweets
    4. More fruits
    5. You know all that stuff
  3. Find an interesting passion
    1. Tango dancing
    2. Chess club
    3. A sports team
      1. Just make sure it:
      2. Involves people
      3. Involves talking to people
      4. Involves you going outside
      5. Involves something you could be passionate about
  4. Ask the prettiest girl you know to take you shopping for clothes
    1. Take $100 USD
    2. Hit a few charity/cheap/discount shops
    3. Get her opinions on it all
    4. Buy what she recommends
    5. Try wearing for one week
  5. Practice talking to strangers
    1. In the sports nutrition shop when you buy protein shake
    2. The lady in the low fat food section in the supermarket
    3. The girl on the checkout
    4. The guy flexing in the gym next to you
    5. People at the X club you join
  6. Watch a couple of Pick Up Artist YouTube videos
    1. I have a link on my profile for dating advice as well
    2. Attempt to approach ONE girl per week for 6 weeks
    3. Get used to messing up. Know it’s ok
  7. Read self help stuff
    1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
    2. Chicken Soup for the Soul
    3. Awaken The Giant within
      1. Pick whatever you like – as long as it espouses positive NLP.
      2. The adage is true – you ARE what you eat as well as what you think

This is how you ‘should move on from this’. This is ‘what you should do’. I’m a tall and skinny Indian dude living in London that likes attractive women. I’m not particularly good looking.

But my personality, confidence and thirst for ‘life’ make me so.

Go out there and get some buddy. This ‘attractive’ thing is malleable and NOT fixed.


This answer was taken from Deepak Shukla’s Quora


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