Let’s Talk About Sex

I was 18 years old when I lost my virginity. To this day, that night in Australia is still as clear as ever for better or worse…

The 18 Year Old Virgin

It was in 2004 during my backpacking trip around the world.

I was in Australia at the time. I found myself in Surfers Paradise, along the east coast of the country.

Here I was– an 18 year old, skinny, British Indian and I had lots of energy and enthusiasm to get by with. However, I definitely no experience in the ways of women. In fact, I think I’d only ever kissed two or three girls by this stage in my life.

Out One Night

I remember sitting in the outside quarters of a bar and I happened to meet this lady and her two friends. Her name was Shantae and she was with accompanied by a couple of guys.

Because I traveled so much, and only maybe spent 3-4 nights in any given city, I discovered that I had to lie to really get any type of respect from the other males and most females I met. I suppose I thought that lying way the only way to progress with friendships and any potential romantic interests.

A Man in Time You’ll Be

When you’re an eighteen year old kid and traveling around the world, the truth is, you don’t know a whole lot. I myself didn’t bother to keep a phone with me during my travels and my entire life at that point existed in a handwritten journal. ? I knew nothing about the adult way of traveling.

As such, I wasn’t treated like the adult that I wanted to be. I was treated as the little brother, or the “dude” kind of thing.

So, instead of saying that I was 18 and traveling, I said I was 23 years old and a graduate from Cambridge University. I also said that I was a writer for the Lonely Planet.

Here’s How It Happened

This Lonely Planet story led me down some interesting alleys. It was to be expected, though– lies will put you in predicaments. And so was the case while I sitting there lying out of my ass ? to Shantae who was 27 and out traveling with friends.

I remember us having a great time upon meeting and thinking that it could potentially lead somewhere.

In my defense, it could have potentially lead somewhere a lot of times, but it didn’t really ever work out in one way or the other.

I was very aware that I had never been with a woman before and as the night went on it became clear that I could end up spending the night with this woman, Shantae.

Head Out With Me Tonight

We headed back to where she was staying after we decided to leave the bar.

As it turns out she was staying in a camper van ? as they were driving along the east coast of Australia.

There I was with this 27 year old Irish woman, headed into bed, bunked up in this tiny camper van where everyone was less than 3 meters apart from each other.

Body Heat in the Sheets

I immediately was doing my best to control the excitement that I felt.


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  • embarrassing

And just the plain truth that I did not even make it the whole nine yards.

I went about three of them.

We were intertwined in the white sheets ?️ and I was doing my very best to kind of keep her away from where I had had my “accident”.


Honorary Degree

What’s funny about this is we ended up passing out and sleeping.

So, basically, it was losing my virginity – but not really.

It was the closest I had ever been to losing it and I do consider it my initiation – my graduation into the world of sex. ?

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

I left at first light without saying goodbye.

She was sleeping, the others were sleeping, and I thought that I had the best experience I was gonna have given the circumstances.

I completely embarrassed myself then decided to do the “manly” thing and just… run away. ?‍

So, the experience of losing my virginity: ? not the best night of my life, but a night I learned from nonetheless.