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I was pretty ambitious during my university years and did some crazy things, like running A.C.S. President at Warwick.

My 2nd Year at Warwick

In 2006, during my second year at Warwick University, I was the only person of non-African origin or Northern Caribbean origin that ran for president of the Afro Caribbean Society.

It was a period in my life where I was popular and things were going really well for me.

  • I spent a lot of time in the gym 🏋️
  • I looked good 👌
  • I felt good 👌
  • I was enjoying myself 👌

Most of my friends at the time were in the African Caribbean Society, so I had become quite familiar with the organization.

An Opportunity

Being that a lot of my friends were in A.C.S., I went to all the networking events and the parties– it was assumed that I’d be there. So, when the opportunity to run for A.C.S. president came up, of course, I took it.

The Candidates

There was two of us running at the time: myself and a serious lady called Catherine.

Between the two of us, I was expected to win. This is until later in the game when Rachel showed up.

Rachel was definitely a tough candidate. She was the type would prepare everything with serious thought.📋 It was a stark contrast to myself; I didn’t prepare for anything while I was running.

Why I Decided to Run

The truth is I got involved with the A.C.S. presidency because I thought it would be fun.
I thought it would look good on my resume.

The reality was, I had no serious intentions of running for the presidency. At the time I applied I didn’t really think it through. It was nothing more than an in-the-moment decision on my part.

The Presidential Presentation

I remember going to the presentation– all smiles and taking nothing seriously. I gave a speech saying something along the lines of, “I should be president because I’m extremely involved in all activities: you see me everywhere”.
Everyone laughed. 😆

I then went on to say, “I love to organize multiple events and I’d love to make sure that we expand our reach. I am the walking symbol of the inclusiveness of society because this isn’t only a race organization but a place where everyone can kind of come and be a part of.

Honestly, I was pretty proud of myself.


And then Rachel came in with

  1. A Power Point  
  2. Definite plans
  3. A written speech 📣

My Standing in the Race

I started up in second place out of the three and it looked pretty good for me for a while there. In honesty, I would’ve won if Rachel had not entered late.  The fact was, she hand some serious standing amongst the students.

  • Her boyfriend was the president of the Law Society ☑️
  • Her boyfriend’s best friend, J.G. was current president of the Law Society ☑️
  • Deji, the former president of the A.C.S., was a friend of hers ☑️

And they were all backing Rachel.

I just had myself and my sheer popularity.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win. Regardless, it was a lot of fun and something I look back on fondly.

Some Past History that led to A.C.S.

I think there are some earlier reasons as to why I decided to throw my hat into the ring for the A.C.S. presidency. It traces back to when I was 16 years old and I began to develop my own sense of style.I was 100% going through the “find myself” phase to say the least.

It was during that phase when I started to record Grind. Grind being my British rap music. 🎵
At that time I ended up joining a music group that included James, Ben, Renee, and Lee.

Everyone in the group was either of African or Caribbean origin and there I was: the Indian kid.


I thought I fit in with these guys and I enjoyed being around them. At the same time, I began to flourish and open up. For the first time, I found a place where I belonged.

That influenced my fondness for people of African and Caribbean origin because that was where I found a bit of a home. It wasn’t something I had to fight to get into, I got in by right because I was good at music.

Being part of this group ultimately developed and changed some of my own, previous, influences. What I was interested in, the kind of women I was interested in: it all began with this group and developed from there. 🤝

Ultimately, that history placed a huge part in my later decision to be involved with A.C.S..

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